Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More ways to help!

I'm posting this on our blog instead of the adoption blog because this blog has more traffic! I've thought of a last minute way to raise as much money as we can before we go to Eastern Europe. Our dossier is on its was there as we speak! So hopefully in a few weeks we will have a date to be there!
I've had people talk about dinners to raise money, but I don't know how I'm going to get the food donated, and have the time to do a nice dinner. But since I have so many new friends that live close, I've decided to do a huge yard sale. I'm going to make as many different bows as I can, and have people help make them that can, and sell those at the yard sale. Also, we thought we'd do burgers and hot dogs, and sell lunch as well! My aunt has a sno cone maker, and I've heard you can rent a cotton candy maker for cheap at Zurchers, so we may do a whole day of fun and a yard sale. So if you haven't helped and want to know how, you can donate to the chipin that says bring Makayla home, and we will use that money to buy things we need for the food, or you can donate items for the yard sale, or if you work at a grocery store or food place and they are willing to donate something. The things we would need are soda (in cans) hot dog and hamburger buns, the meat, and little bags of chips. If you know how to make the bows, you can donate those. I know they are going to go fast! You can come help us on that day, take money, or make sno cones. Whatever. I really hope this can be a last big fundraiser before we go!

Just so you can see why we decided to adopt through Reeces Rainbow, this is what happens to these children in other countries. My boys watched this today, and Mondo asked me why the police don't do anything. I told him their police aren't like our police, and he said we needed to send our police there!
A warning, this is a very graphic video, but one that needs to be shown! And let me say this is not the country Makayla is in, but they are all very similar. Please help us bring Makayla home soon, and rescue her from a future like this!
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Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

i could not help but bawl as i watched that video - unbelievable! i am so thankful to know that makayla will be home with you soon. it is so hard to imagine that in today's day in age that parents would give up their child just because they have something quote "wrong" with them - and where are the relatives of the adults in the institutions? it is all so hard to understand - i don't think anyone can understand conditions like this!

good luck with the yard sale!

Kristin said...

I don't understand why they don't release the children to other countries (like the US) who have willing families to adopt them. Instead they make it extremely difficult, time consuming, and unaffordable to so many. It makes me crazy!
Do you have a date in mind for the yard sale?

TUC said...

I can't bear to watch that video. I am kinda hoping we are in Kiev together so we can meet and hug and hang out a bit! We will be near Kiev the whole time so I bet we will cross paths, yay!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I have seen that video a few times now, and every time it makes me cry! It is horrendous the things that they do there. It makes me want to grab up ALL those little kids and bring them home with me. :(

I wish I lived near you, I would love to help out with your yard sale and lunch!

The VW's said...

Hope this new fundraiser goes great! Sounds like a great idea and fun too! Wish I could come and help out! Hugs!!!

Tina said...

Firstly love that picture of father and son.

I haven't been able to access the vdeo as yet, in a way thankful for it, but I will have a look later, I think I know what to expect and it's like a naighmare.

I hope the yardsale is a great success, wish I could be there to help :( but will be thinking of you and praying everything falls into place really soon so at least one little girl will be saved from that awful fate and brought home to true love and caring and a real family!

Shari said...

Yes, me too! I cried and cried as I saw this. These poor babies, children and adults are suffering for absolutely no reason. I had to stop watching and come back to it. This is so inhumane and torture! I will do my best to help get these babies home. I want to adopt so bad, but I have to get my husband on the same page.