Thursday, June 24, 2010

Toy Story 3

I'm counting the days until Saturday, because Saturday we go see Toy Story 3 with Hopekids. Toy Story is one of my favorite Disney movies, and I love that Hopekids provides the opportunity to see all the kid movies. A chance for kids with special needs and their siblings to get away for a while! Plus this week has been really rough! Monday I had the last few things that needed to be notarized, thinking I could have them done in a jiffy and submitted Tuesday. Then Tuesday it was Wednesday, and yesterday I was so frustrated I wanted to tear up all the paperwork! Needless to say its still not done. I'm praying, praying that today it will be done, and then we just have to wait for our date to be in her country. Oh and last minute fundraising because I'm realizing how fast its coming up!
Yesterday my garbage disposal died. Ray tried to fix it to no avail, so now we need to go get a new garbage disposal. I have no idea how much they cost! This morning I woke up to ants in my kitchen! Luckily we bought ant spray the other day because I noticed them outside in the front yard. But they found their way into my seriously neglected kitchen! The kitchen that hasn't been swept in a while. The kitchen that probably won't be cleaned until I get this paperwork done!
I also found out my great aunt was given the wrong medication at her elderly home and is in the ICU! That makes me so mad. I know we are all human, but do health care workers ever take the care to double check things? I sure see an awful lot of mistakes. You know how closely we feel like we need to watch our children in the hospital because of mistakes. My sister told me that my aunt had cried to her sister that she hated this home. That makes me so sad! I just want to bring her into my home. I'll make sure she gets the right meds! I mean, where are her children right now? Why aren't they stepping up to help their mom?
Anyway, if you have any last minute fundraising ideas, please email me. Remember we still have the MP3 giveaway going on. We will draw the winner for that on the 30th. So go buy tickets now! Also the super cute bow fundraiser. Just click here to order some for a little girl you know! If you would just like to donate, click here to make a tax deductible donation through Reeces Rainbow.
And if you haven't emailed me and want to come to the "girl" shower. Let me know and I'll get you an invite!


mom26kids said...

toy story 3 is a way cute movie I liked better than the second one. I keep forgetting to buy some bows I am on my way over to makayla's blog right now!

mom26kids said...

I loved toy story 3 it was way cute. I am on my way over to makayla's blog to buy some bows! I hope you get your paper work done today!

The VW's said...

I love that first picture! They are so cute, holding their hands the same way!

Hope everything falls into place very soon for you! I would probably be going nuts....I hate paperwork and deadlines! Just remember it WILL happen and it will be in God's timeline....which is always right on time!

Hang in there! Love and Hugs!!!

Kim said...

I love that first picture! Too Too cute! Mattie loves it too~ She is waving and saying "hi!"

Have a great time at the movie!

Heather said...

Everyone here just LOVED Toy Story 3 ... especially the "big kids".Was hoping to pop in and find you having a better day ... not so much.Maybe tomorrow?

Love the cute pictures and ... do you know anything about the the Vinyl Exclamations I won in the auction?Will be perfect to have for the new house!

Alison said...

I hope you have a great time at the movie.

How cute is that first photo???

Sorry to hear about your aunt. We've seen our fair share of mistakes too. I hope she recovers quickly.

Mama Mason-Mann said...

Oh Lacey, I'm sorry you're having such a tough time. It'll all be worth it when you get that sweet girl in your arms! Have a GREAT time at Toy Story 3. I can't wait to see it too. I so wish I could come to you shower!!!! :( Utah's a little far though. LOVE the pics!

Michelle and Sean said...

Hey Lacey, thanks for letting me know about the recall. I have the same monitor as you the masimo. Our nurses confirm the rate and rhythm by listening as well.

That is scary when medical equipment is recalled.

I hope you got your papers done and are now waiting for the date!! I'm waiting to hear when you get to go and get that sweet baby!!

Tiffany said...

Our movie theater just started offering showing new kids movies in a special needs setting ie. lights not all the way off, not as loud volume. Is that what Hopekids does?

Sorry about all the paperwork. You have got to be overwhelmed between all teh adoption paperwork and all of Jax's too. You are truly amazing and all of your children are blessed to have you as their mommy.