Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers day, and Reeces Rainbows 4th anniversary

Happy Fathers day to all the fathers out there. Especially my father and hubby. My hubby never even imagined he would have kids. And now he is smitten by special needs kids and is traveling across the world to adopt our baby girl!
He is a wonderful husband, coach, wrestling buddy, and of course, the biggest tease ever!
We love you daddy!

This is also the 4 year anniversary for Reeces Rainbow! Over 250 kids have been saved from institutions, and over 500,000 dollars in grants have been given out. I highly encourage adoption through them, it hasn't been as difficult as I had imagined, and the rewards are indescribable! If you are unable to adopt, you can still help by sponsoring a child, and helping another family bring their child home!


The VW's said...

This video has me in tears! I want them all and I love staring at their perfect faces! I bet watching this makes you even more eager to bring Makayla home! HUGS!!!

Tiffany said...

Thanks for sharing the video. I did not know how Reece's Rainbow was started. Seeing things like that inspires me to want to do more having Isabelle in my life. I have great respect for Reece's mom and the incredible things she is doing not only for those precious children, but also for the families being blessed by them.

Thanks for sharing her incredible story!