Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We are home and I can't wait to climb into my comfy bed. Back to rainy, yucky, Utah weather! Sorry for the constant whining about where we live. Especially for friends that live here. Its really a good place to live, its just not for us anymore. Especially after having Jax and all of his special needs that can't be met here. I'm excited though because we actually have a full summer this year with the boys. Normally they have year-round school, which means they go for 12 weeks and then have 3 weeks off. This makes summer only about a month long. Not near enough for us. But because of our seriously struggling school district (another reason to move!) they are cutting a bunch more teachers and making it a traditional school. So they don't go back until August! I'm not excited to see class sizes next year though. Mondo had 34 kids in his class this year. That is way to many to accurately teach. I just hope we can move before too much time in these new classes.
Pictures are to come, but first I thought I would say what happened with Carters baseball drama. You all know he got asked to try out for All stars, and we flew them out to California so he wouldn't miss it. Well we found out the next day that once again, he was screwed out of All stars! Now this didn't bother me too much at first. I mean, I was a dancer, and always in the top of my class, but there was a lot of dance groups that I didn't make, its part of life. But when we found out a kid on his team made All stars that is way below Carter's level, it really angered me. This kids dad coaches his brother on the league up from us. All the coaches kids make the teams! Are we still that political? This kid went for 7 or 8 games without even getting a hit! Hello! These coaches sons make the team and then the coach complains that their kid didn't play a single second in the all star game. Doesn't that give you a clue that he is not good enough?
Anyway, I know all parents think their kids are the best players, but we've always seen that spark in the way Carter plays. That it was born in him, and we constantly get compliments on his catching skills. That just means that we are not going to play in this league next year. We may just do superleague alone. Superleague is for good players, and they do a lot of tournaments. Its much more serious baseball, but the players are really good! Thats were Carter belongs, so he can be challenged. But a lot of superleague players play in regular leagues for extra practice. If we do that it will for sure be in a different league. This is so unfair to him. Luckily, the great kid that he is, he could care less about it. I just wanted him to be able to play longer because the season is already over and summer is just beginning. Anyway, Ray and I are way more upset than him, and its just because this particular kid made the team that is nowhere good enough. Its sad that its still done this way!


My Three Sons said...

That's to bad about Carter. You would think they would want a winning team.

I can't wait to see all the fun pics. We are heading out to Cali. I'm going to narrow down the dates and will let you know soon.

Kristin said...

Welcome back :)
Yep - rain tomorrow.

Rochelle said...

Glad you are home safe and had a great trip.
Thankful for your long summer with the boys but wow those class sizes are huge.
So sorry about the baseball team. Thankful Carter isn't upset about it, hoping you find the right team for him to excel and enjoy!

The VW's said...

Welcome home! Sorry it's not where you'd like to be and sorry about the weather! It's been yuck here too!

If they name a team Allstars, you would think that they would want the players to be allstars! Why have tryouts if they already have the team decided? Crazy! Sorry he won't get to play! But, there is a reason for this.....maybe better things are ahead for him?!

Can't wait to see your pictures and hear about your time away! Hugs!!!

Kelly said...

Sorry to hear that Carter did not make All Stars!! But I am sure your STAR will shine no matter what League you should choose!!

Welcome home!!! Looking forward to the pics!!!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Boo, we've talked about the AllStars already and agreed that it sucks what happened. :(

I'm glad you are home safe and sound, sorry about the nasty weather you returned to.

Stevenson Family said...

So sorry to hear about all the baseball drama. That seems really unfair. I can't wait to see all the new pictures to come!

Mama Mason-Mann said...

Totally know how you feel about the baseball drama. We had a similar situation with Xander and hockey. We were certainly more upset then Xander was. (We were in fact furious). So I totally sympathize!

Glad you had a nice relaxing trip!

Kim said...

It does seem that way doesn't it? We see the same thing with girl's softball. Some things never change. Enjoy your long summer!

Alicia said...

Glad to hear you made it home safely. That sucks about Carter's baseball. I hate it when politics enters little kid's sports. These kids play for the love of the game but some parents just can't stand it when others have more talent than their kid. So they have to pull crap like that. Just stinks! I am glad Carter has a good attitude about it all, what a good sport!

I wanted to send you a couple of links about the kind of surgery Marissa had vs the kind I think you are saying Jax will need on his airway. First, Marissa had a double stage LTR, which is the less intense one. It sounds like they are saying Jax will need the single stage, which is the one with the lengthy hospital stay because of the heavy sedation he will need to let the graft site heal. Here are a couple of links:


Above is the one Marissa had.

It sounds like Jax will need this one:


Marissa's was also less intense because they did not have to make an incision in her airway. They placed the graft endoscopically, down her throat from her mouth. This is what made the recovery time so much less.

Hope this helps!

Becca said...

I always pictured Utah weather to be as bright and sun-shiney as the Osmonds' teeth. :-) Sorry you had to come home to yuck. I can't believe there were actually 34 kids in Mondo's class! That's just outrageous. If you were to leave Utah, where would you go instad?

Tiffany said...

Glad you had a safe trip and are enjoying the comforts of home. Sorry home isn't where you want to be. We are in that same predicament right now as we are really wanting to move, but also need to have the availability with jobs and care for Izzy before we do that.

As for Carter, that is completely wrong. I'm glad he can just shrug it off, but the older he gets the harder that is going to be for him. On top of it, those coaches are raising kids who will grow up thinking everything will just be handed to them. I've seen kids like that in my class and it's never pretty.

Glad for a break for your summer too! I can't imagine teaching year round. But ouch for the numbers in his class. Hopefully you'll get out of there soon to find better solutions for your boys.