Sunday, June 6, 2010

Let's Help the Rugg Family

Hi folks! My name is Shari from the Beauty of Life!

As you all know from Lacey that they are working on bringing a little girl home from Ukraine they are naming Makayla. They know this is what they are led to do and know strongly that this beautiful little girl needs a forever home!

This family has been through so much and I really would love to see them get Makayla home soon. I know for a fact that this little girl will be loved and taken care of appropriately. She has four doting big brothers who already love her! Can't you see her in this family? I sure can!

It takes a very large amount of money to bring babies home to their forever families. Reece's Rainbow has many children that have grants to go with them but that doesn't cover all the costs of bringing these precious babes home. This is my own personal plea to help this awesome family bring this child home! Will you please consider helping in this matter?

Over at Makayla's Blog there is a 16gig Sony Walkman MP3 player ready to be given away. The details are there about the device. There is a ChipIn widget to the right that is specifically just for this giveaway. The giveway is $10 for one entry and $25 for three entries or more if you wish! Please be sure and leave your email/personal information when you ChipIn so we have all names and emails ready for the drawing. We want to be able to contact you in case you win! If you don't put the information into the ChipIn widget then please leave a comment in the post with your information.

If you choose not to use the ChipIn widget to help but would like to send a check or money order to help please contact me at or lacey at

Thank you for taking the time to read this! It is my prayer that they can get this orphan home. And soon!