Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tip Tuesday!

Before I get to the title of this post, for all of you that didn't see on facebook, the princess did fabulous with her echo. Needed a little oxygen during sedation, who doesn't! But the best news, her VSD has closed, and whatever else they thought she has, she doesn't! Her heart is perfect, and no sign of pulmonary hypertension! Finally some good medical news in the Rugg household! Her sleep study doesn't have results yet. We go in next week to find that out!

Ok, now I wanted to have a day where I post tips. Any kind of tips, from special needs, to something just for moms. Whatever. I have learned some great things from other parents, and spread my knowledge to others as well. And while I'm not creative enough to come up with a great title, every Tuesday I'm going to post tips! If you have a great tip, email me at laceyrugg@hotmail.com, and we'll post yours as well!

So I have two tips today. The first is one for every baby and toddler in the winter time. I bought these adorable sock/shoes for Jax last year. I loved them so much that I bought him another pair this year, and bought some for Arina. They are fabulous for babies that don't walk yet, they aren't hard and clunky, but they do have soles, and skid free bottoms, if your child does walk a little. They are super high, and you can put socks under them, so their piggies stay so warm in the cold winter. These are the only things that keep Jax purple feet warm.

Some babies prefer to eat them!

Look how cute they look with jeans! I get them at Target. And while I couldn't find them online to get the price, I know they were under 10 dollars! You have to try these!

Tip two is for trach moms. I posted a little about this a while ago when I found them. But if your child wears oxygen with his trach, you want these noses. We found them from friend Colton, I saw it on her blog and had to find out what they were.
They are called Thermovent T2. They are made by the same company as other noses, so your home care company should be able to find them. But I posted the wrapper at the bottom so you can get the item number.
Here is the new nose..

And the old. See how much smaller they are? And because the old one the tubing comes off the side, Jax was constantly knocking it off with his hand.

One thing you need to know is, regular oxygen tubing does not fit on these noses. Take your old oxygen piece (the green one) and cut it off where the green ends

See how much smaller it is than regular tubing.

It just fits right on the end. Here is the wrapper so you can get the item number if you want to try these. The other great thing is they have a little door on the front, so you don't have to take the whole nose off to suction!

Remember to email me at laceyrugg@hotmail.com if you have a great tip for me to post!


Becca said...

SO glad to hear that Arina's heart is in such great shape!! Whew! Btw, those little sock thingies are adorable. :-)

Amy said...

Where did you get the slippers. I would love to get a pair for Gabriel. Remember when I emailed you about Jaxs -NOSE(HME) that was the one we had. I am glad you liked it, but Gabriel always pulled off the o2 or it would just come off. We have the Gibeck Trach-Vent+. Its no bigger than the other but the o2 line stays on this one!!! I look forward to reading your weekly ideas.

Colleen said...

I love the shoe/sock idea. I can never decide whether to put shoes or warm socks on when we go out! Great stocking stuffer for the little man.

Emily said...

WE LOVE those socks. Justin had a pair last year... and grew out of them. He's kind of out of that baby section all together. So sad...

Heather said...

So love those little booties!Darling.Zoey said she really would like a pair.Maybe Santa will bring her some.

Aren't you just the best giving pointers out .. in all your extra spare time!!!

Alison said...

I'm so glad to hear Arina's heart is healthy! What great news!!

EN said...

Lacey - your kiddos are so cute! They put a huge smile on my face :-)

April said...

What great ideas!!! Thanks!

Becky said...

Great tips, and sorry if I'm so distracted by your CUTE babies. The pictures are just so darling. (sigh) :)

Junior said...

Great to hear the good news about Arina's heart. Those socks are so cute, too bad they don't come in bigger sizes.

The VW's said...

Great idea! And, great tips! I've seen those sock/shoes before and thought about getting them for Gavin.

Those pictures of Arina and her cute little belly are ADORABLE!!! You are totally making me jealous though!

I'll try to think of some tips, but my brain hasn't been working very well lately! :) HUGS!!!

Melissa said...

I did see the news on FB, but just have to say YAY! on the great echo again.

I love those socks, and they do look adorable with jeans. I'll have to find some for Claire.

No worries on the baby legs, I figured things might still be a little hectic at home. :)