Thursday, December 9, 2010

Daddy's song!

I've heard this song a million times in the last couple of weeks. My boys sing to it in the car, but the other day I was listening to the lyrics, and it was as if my hubby was singing it to me!
He is constantly telling me how beautiful I am, and how sexy I still am (Sorry, TMI!) I always roll my eyes and tell him he's crazy.
I mean, after all, I was a dancer in high school. I had the perfect dancer body. Now I have.....wait, I'll just stop right there, you momma's know what I mean!
Listen to the lyrics, its such a cute song.
Love you babe!


Shari said...

My husband tells me all that stuff everyday, too. I do the same thing by rolling my eyes and just looking at him. I guess if he feels that way I should, too but it is hard considering I look nothing like when we married. I was a soccer player/runner/athlete. Not anymore!

Holly W said...

I always think of Brooke when I hear that song!
And I think all of our husbands tell us moms we're just as sexy as we once were...(they're just hoping to get lucky...haha!!)

The VW's said...

You ARE beautiful Lacey.....inside and out! :)

My husband always tells me that I'm beautiful too, and I never believe him....I too look so different from when we first got married...UGH! The other day he told me that I'm more beautiful to him than the day we married.....I just laughed in his face! But, it was very nice of him to say!