Saturday, December 4, 2010

Last bit of Cali!

Oh how we miss Cali! It snowed about 3 feet while we were gone, thank goodness my fantastic neighbor shoveled our driveway so we would be able to get in! This has been the snowiest November in 10 years! I know people do it everywhere, but it sucks having a handicapped child in the snow. When it takes a good 15 minutes to get him in and out of the car, and the temps are around 10 degrees! And thats if we can even get him out, sometimes the snow prevents us from getting the stroller through. This should be the last snowy winter for us, now that the princess is home, daddy can actively look at transferring down there! Wahoo! We miss our friends and family down there terribly, and I know the kids cousins they love so much miss them too.
Thanksgiving at aunt Doreens with their cousins.

Sarah (our cousin) and her stepdaughter!

We watched the Christmas Carol that night. Me and Carter were playing with each others hair.
Hey, Arina isn't old enough for that yet! He was such a good sport!

Of course a Cali trip is not complete without a Zoey visit.
Zoey and her bestest boyfriend!

We were hanging out with Heather and Zoey in front of the Jamba Juice. We saw a young man with DS. He saw Zoey and put his hands over his mouth. He was the cutest thing ever! We couldn't believe we didn't get a pic of all of them. He was going crazy that there were 3 DS kids right there!
Did I mention that he was so cute?! He was so polite, he said it was a pleasure to meet us, and he asked what medical problems the kids had. He was one smart cookie!

Our last trip to Disney.

I guess this is how pre-teen kids pose for pics! I'm bracing myself for this age!


Holly W said...

I love seeing pics of all of you happy everyone looks!
And I think it's so funny how you're so tired of the snow and I wish we would get some...
everyone wants what they can't have..haha..
(though I would prob tire of it quickly..and it really must suck having to get Jax around)

Angi said...

Love the pics !!! Such a beautiful family!!!

Rochelle said...

Praying that Ray gets transferred to CA! Love the pics. Too cute.

Junior said...

Beautiful pictures, looks like you all had fun.

Debbie said...

While I was at a basketball game last night, I saw a woman with DS. She had to be about 70 years old. It was awesome.
We have two adopted daughters, each with their own set of health issues. We were asked about adopting a newborn with DS a few years ago, but decided not to since our youngest daughter's health was so bad and we spent a lot of time in the hospital.

Tina said...

Love the pictures, and loved the story about the man with DS that you met. How sweet is that. Hope you're managing o.k. with all that snow especially with Jax...hope that this is the last winter in all that snow for you guys!!

Anonymous said...

You dont know me, but I am just sitting here reading your blog bawling my eyes out wishing that I knew you!! You are beautiful and inspiring and your children are beautiful and inspiring. I cant imagine the place that heaven holds for people like you.

Mama Mason-Mann said...

Love your pics. Arina has such a beautiful smile. Everyone looks like they had a wonderful time.

The VW's said...

Such cute pictures! And, how exciting to meet a guy who has Ds and getting the pleasure of talking with him! I love when this happens! Hugs!!!

Shelly Turpin said...

Catching up with all of your posts.
Love the Cali pics - love seeing ya'll with Zoey - love the Disneyland pics - love seeing Arina with y'all, she looks like she's always been there - love y'all - HATE that there are crazy mean people out there.
Hope y'all need to sell your house soon and head out to CA! :)