Friday, June 5, 2009

Creative momma

Countdown: 10 days till surgery

I was out buying material for blankies yesterday, and Ray brought over these iron-on's. They were the skull and crossbones. I had to get them to match his baby legs. See, if the idea is simple, I can do it. See how cute.

Yeah, thats about as creative as I get. I am thinking about tackling a different kind of blankie to make Jax. Its called cuddle material, that super soft stuff, wish me luck on that one. I can crochet around blankies but my sewing skills are to be desired.
Jax is trying super hard to roll over. He gets on his side and gets stuck, he actually went all the way over this morning, after my video stopped of course. I will for sure get it on video to show you.
No word yet from out of state docs.


The VW's said...

I'd love to kiss that booty! He is so SQUEEZABLE! Have fun being creative!

Great job rolling over Jax! This is AWESOME! (Especially since he is still so sick and on several seizure meds!) I am TRULY IMPRESSED! Keep it up little man!

Praying you hear from some doctors soon! Have a great weekend!

Junior said...

awww that shirt turned out so cute and a perfect match for his legs.
Way to go Jax, rolling over, that is awesome, keep up the good work buddy.

Lily said...

Love the onesie! One that he is almost rollong over too - Go Jaxson!

Alyson said...

Did you make that shirt yourself???

I LOVE IT!!!! I WANT ONE!! :0)

Way to go Jax with rolling over!!!!!

Is it just me, or is his face not as puffy as usual???

Heather said...

Jax never ceases to amaze me.He is so sweet and determined and so very capable.I love the shirt.I am a skull and crossbones girl myself.Zoey too.And you sell yourself short Lacey,you ARE very creative.

Anderson Family said...

You are so creative - I love the new onesie to match his legs!!

Way to go on rolling over - keep up the great work!!

Emily said...

What a cute shirt! Love the whole theme he's got going on! Good job rolling over buddy!

stephanie said...

This is my favorite outfit yet.We love pirates in our house. Good job rolling, Jax!!!!

Kim Rees said...

That's awesome Lacey! LOL! He looks fantastic! Way to go Mr. Jaxson on the rolling over! Keep on trying little man! Arrrgggghhhhhh!

Michelle said...

yay for rolling!!! He's so cute!

Ruby's Mom said...

OMG!That outfit is just too cute!!!
Hugs little man!

Melissa said...

OMG, I love that onsie! You ROCK!