Sunday, February 15, 2009


Sunday's are usually pretty low key for us. It's the day where we go walk around the mall or just stay home and do nothing like we did today.
This is little Ariana. She is Jax girlfriend. She came over and played with us on Friday night. We met at the pediatricians office. Ana has trisomy 13, if you don't know what that is its because they usually don't survive. So she really is a little miracle girl.
Jax has been good today. We changed his formula a little to hopefully make it a little easier for me, and for when we go on vacation we don't have to take 4 different cans with us. Now its just ketocal with polycose. I still have to make it in the blender, but it's half the work. We are also going to start transitioning him to bolus feeds. I don't want him on continous when we are on vacation.

Every Sunday we watch America's Funniest home videos with a bowl of popcorn. We've been doing this since the Bob Saget days. (Don't you love it)

We had a fantastic date last night. The only bad thing was the movie we wanted to see, Taken, was sold out and the only thing starting was Friday the 13th.
Great Valentine movie huh.
It was as dumb as the original ones done in the 80's. Its totally predictable, and totally degrading to women. I guess if the women are dumb enough to do the movie. Why do we have to have women's breasts in these movies. ( I guess so people will go see them) But it was still a great night.


Junior said...

I love those nice relaxing Sundays. Great pictures of Jaxson, the close ups are so cute, he has such beautiful eyes.
Hugs, Heidi & Junior

Heather said...

Vacation talk ... that must mean you are ever so closer to meeting up with Miss Zoey and me .... how exciting!!Glad you got out on a date.I am totally jealous.One day.One day I too will reconnect with... what's his name?? Oh yeah... my husband .... Mark.Jax looks handsome as ever and Zoey is trying not to be envious of Ariana.We get it,proximity wins out!!!

The day at a time. said...

I just found your bolg recently. I just reat that you litte man has polycose powder in his formula! Our little guy has his own sepcial "cocktail" too! Ha. My son also has DS and had heart surgery 2 weeks ago! Now they think he has reflux. I would love know know the symptoms your son had before they realized it was reflux.

Melissa said...

OH MY GOD, You poor thing having to sit through that movie...but I'm sorry, I got such a great laugh out of that! I can't believe that they made another one?

What a great tradition to have..AFV!! I love having lazy Sunday afternoons;)
Good luck on the bolus great for it to be half of the work! When's your vacation??

The VW's said...

Jax has a girlfriend?! You handsome little man! It's no wonder!

My Three Sons said...

Friday the could have made it romantic, you know, acted really scared and held on to your hubby real tight! LOL

I will download the pictures of Carson's blanket and send them tonight. I was also going to post them on my blog as well.