Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gavin's blankie

Here is sweet little Gavin with his blankie. Gavin is special to me because he is so much like Jax they could be twins. He also suffered a brain injury and can't sit up or hold his head up. Its like my same story in a different state.

A quick update on Jax. I'm taking him in today, probably get another chest x-ray. The crap is finally coming up. I sucked out some major junk this morning. (yummy, I hope your not eating while you read this) His oxygen need is up a tiny bit to 1 1/2 liters. We'll see how it goes and what the plan is.


Debbie said...

I just found your blog but would love to go back and read a little more of your sweet family's story.

Anonymous said...

Your blankets are amazing!
I hope Jax is feeling better soon, will check back for updates later. Don't worry about what people think about keeping him home while you can, I understand. Sometimes hospitals are worse as far as risk of infection, and the time spent there is long. I really think we should all have MD behind our names!!!

Heather said...

Actually I was eating but couldn't have fazed me a bit.The only thing I care about is that Jax gets feeling better.Hope today finds plan and action for the sweet little love.As for the blankie ... another darling one,for another darling boy.and to address the Hollywood thing ... so not glamorous Lacey .. traust me on that!!

Junior said...

Gavin is a cutie and your blanket turned out beautiful.
Junk coming out of the lungs, part of life around here so you aren't grossing us out.
Sure hope Jaxson gets feeling better

The VW's said...

Thanks again Lacey!!! We love it!!

Praying that Jaxson gets all that junk/gunk up and starts feeling better real soon! Hang in there!

Love from your 'twin' in MI,
Alicia and Gavin