Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another happy customer

This is sweet little Dillon. You may know him, his blog is on our sidebar. He is having a g-tube placed in a couple of weeks and just recieved his blankie. Isn't he so cute?

I love showing pics of these kidos with their blankies.
An update on Jax. He acts like he is feeling better, but he is still super puffy and his oxygen needs aren't coming down. I'm more concerned that he is in heart failure. Tomorrow we will go in and weigh him and do some more blood work, also get an ekg. I think I'm seeing wierd rythms on his monitor. Plus when he was in the hospital his monitor kept saying he was having PVC's. Then our doc is going to call the cardiologist and see if we can get him up for a stat echo. Tomorrow we should have some more info as to what needs to be done. If he does need heart surgery hopefully it can wait a few months. We really need our vacation and I don't want to give that up, we can push it back if we need to, but I don't think they will touch him with a ten foot pole with RSV. We will just have to wait and see if they can start some meds and hold him off for a while.


Junior said...

Such a cute little guy and the blanket turned out great.

sorry Jaxson is still having trouble, we will be praying hard for him. Big hugs, Heidi

TMI Tara said...

Dillon is adorable!

I'm anxious to find out what the cardiologist thinks. Keep us posted. xo

The VW's said...

Dillon is such a cutie!!!

I'm sorry that Jaxson is still struggling! Poor little man! And, poor Momma! I'll be praying! I hope the cardiologists will have a good plan and that surgery can be held off for awhile!

I'll be thinking of you! Hugs!

Melissa said...

Is that my little sunshine's photos, so cute! Thanks again, he REALLY loves his blanky!

OH NO, don't you dare give up your vacation....UGH, I really hope that poor Jax does some breakthrough soon, poor little guy! Looking forward to the Cardio report..will keep my fingers crossed!

The day at a time. said...

Good luck with the cardio appt. We are hopeing that everything goes well and that you get some answers!!

Heather said...

Master Dillon is indeed a cutie pie!Hoping to hear good things from the doctors today or at least a plan of action.I hate that you have to worry about him.And what's this I hear?Cancel your trip?No way ... things will get better,Jax will get better because Zoey is so looking forward to meeting her friend.

Cammie Heflin said...

He looks like he LOVES his blanket!

Maureen said...

I hope that you start to get some good news for once Lacey. Poor Jax must be wondering when he is going to feel better. You guys have me in your thoughts and prayers.