Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Doing great

Jax is doing great. We only had one setback, that was they couldn't do his tonsils and adnoids. It makes me mad because we wanted to do the surgeries together for his sake. But his hemo doc called AFTER he went back for surgery and said that he can't be off his lovenox for the two weeks he needs to be for Tonsils. Tonsils usually are at the highest risk of bleeding 7-10 days after surgery. So we will be coming back in 4 to 6 months for that. They checked his hearing and put tubes in his ears. his hearing is not normal so they recomend hearing aids. The fixed his nissen, and put a central line in. He went to PICU still intubated about 11:00. They just extubated him at 2:30! I think his shortest intubation ever. He sounds really junky so hopefully he stays stable. He will probably stay in PICU overnight. The floor is more busy than PICU so their not in a hurry to push us out. I will post pics when I am home and can download them. I just wanted to let everyone know he is doing great.
Thanks for your prayers, Lacey


JRS said...

That's good news. Darn about the T&A.

Junior said...

So happy to hear that Jaxson is doing well. We will be praying for a smooth and quick recovery.

My Three Sons said...

Sorry they didn't get the T and A done. But God may have had his reasons.

That is great news about him being off the vent. Jaxson just amazes me everyday!

My name is Sarah said...

I am happy to know Jaz is doing good.

Maureen said...

Thank God for the good news. We appreciate the updates. Give Jax a kiss for me!

Melissa said...

OH NO, I'm so sorry that they couldn't do both of the surgeries together!!! But I'm so glad that this little Hero is doing well;)
Hang in there...I've been thinking of you all day!!!
Wishing you a quick recovery Jax

The VW's said...

I'm so glad to hear that he is doing well and was able to be extubated so soon!

I remember thinking that Gavin would stay on the vent for a couple of days after his nissen surgery and they extubated him soon after as well. This was something abnormal for us as well, since he had always had to stay on the vent for so long with other surgeries or set backs.

I pray that he continues to well and that you will both make it home soon and healthy! I'm sorry that they could not do the surgeries together! How frustruating! Maybe it's a good thing in the long run?

Take care of yourself! Hope your other son is doing better now too!

Hugs from MI,
Alicia and Gavin

Kelly said...

I've been thinking of you guys. I certainly understand the wanting to get all of the surgeries out of the way at once. Sorry that couldn't happen. I am glad, however to hear that he is doing well. Please keep us posted!