Thursday, January 1, 2009

Prayers needed

Please pray for Jaxsons little Emerson. We met her on our Myspace about a year ago and we've been following her since. She had a full bowell and spleen transplant in June. In October she got septic and coded and was very sick. She started to get better but in the begining of December she got a bowell disease and had to be reintubated. She is now on full dialysis and her bowell is dead and had to be removed yesterday. She can't be relisted for transplant until she stabilizes. She made it through the night and now its just minute to minute. Please pray for her, you can see pictures and follow her journal, she is one of our friends.

Thanks for your support. Lacey and Jax


My Three Sons said...

I'm praying for this family. It is so sad to have to watch so many kiddo's fight so hard just to stay here.

Hope Jaxson is still doing great.


Kaci and Carson