Thursday, January 29, 2009

A much better day.

Today we met with the surgeon about redoing Jax nisson. One thing I don't like about his surgeon is he is kind of iffy, like he can't make up his mind. They didn't do Jax first nisson with his g-tube because he didn't think he needed it. Then Jax threw up and was on his back and went blue and stopped breathing, then they finally did it. But anyway he said we can keep the GJ tube and see how he does, or go in and revise it. I told him the last two weeks he hasn't been tolerating his feeds at all, and then of course the walmart experience. But when I told him he is scheduled to have his tonsils and adnoids out he said it is a good idea to go ahead and redo the nisson at the same time. I don't want to wait and then have to have another surgery. So we are scheduled for March 2. It will be about 3 hours total. They will more than likely leave him intubated, they did with his last nisson, and when you throw in the tonsils, its a double wammy. So now I'm trying to hurry and put my binder together with Jax history, his meds, and all that stuff so doctors and nurses can look at it and get his history fast. It will be a life saver.
Jax has been such a stinker lately with keeping his O's in his nose. We've tried socks over the hands and everything. So if anyone has any brilliant ideas, I'm all ears. You'd think that he would be used to it after 3 years, nope.
He looks bored out of his mind in the surgeons office.


Junior said...

Jaxson you are just so cute even when you are bored.
prayers that the surgeries go smoothly.
Junior had his nissen redone when he was about 4 and it really helped.

Anonymous said...

To cute! Tell him Phenny man is right there with him pulling of the oxygen! Maybe we can come up with this amazing product together and make millions of dollars. Then we can laugh at the politicians who make it their business to cause problems in our life! Hey, it doesn't hurt to dream!!!!
Hope you have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

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The VW's said...

Jaxson you are ADORABLE!!! As for helping to keep his O2 on him, I'm sorry but I can't help you! When Gavin was on oxygen he was always pulling it off! Now he's always pulling his glasses off! Oxygen is a little bit more important than glasses though!

Is Jaxson on the O2 for pulmonary hypertension? Gavin had this really bad, but soon after we started doing his breathing treatments the hypertention got better. Do you do breathing treatments with Jaxson? Just wondering.

Hugs from MI,

Alicia and Gavin

Tara Bennett said...

I've met several little ones recently who've had nissen's turn out successfully. I'm sorry you're having problems. I hope it all works out. Sending lots of love and prayers.

Oh he is so stinkin cute though, no matter what.

My Three Sons said...

He may be bored but still so cute!!

I'm not sure how to solve the O problem. Thank goodness Carson usually just leaves his NG tube alone. He even has a habit of making sure it is pushed in because he knows what happens when we have to take it out.

Anyways, I'm glad you made those dr listen and I think that is so much better on him and you to get it all done in one surgery.

Take care and God Bless

Cammie Heflin said...

Addy constantly pulled her O2 off, it drove us nuts, I unfortunately never found anything that made her leave it alone!

Melissa said...

JAX, you are the CUTEST!!!!

Praying that this surgeon will do this surgery perfectly!! I hate it when we get that iffy feeling though...

What an awesome idea to put it all in a binder...Lacey, you're a genius;) I think I need to do the same for my little guy!
{{big HUGS!}}

Carolyn said...

I am glad you had a better day! Sometimes it can all just get to you a little bit and that is ok! Jaxson is so cute and I love the pictures!! Hope you have a great weekend!!