Monday, January 12, 2009

Bye bye central line!

Yeah, our fabulous home care nurse came and finally took out Jax picc line. I'm just glad we made it through with no line infections. If he would have been in the hospital with it it would have been gone by now from infection. Moms are so much cleaner.

And no I'm not keeping the line. That would be so gross. I grabbed a shot for the scrapbook. Thats not gross is it?


hjoy said...

great to hear that Jaxson was able to get the line out.
I love your new background, where did you find one with Mickey mouse?

Heather said...

Bye bye line, hello a few less worries!Not gross at all. Just part of our way of remembering,documenting and hoping to get to a place when we can say ... remember when.

Vickie Lynn said...

Wow that thing is long haha. What a cute little guy!

hrw102779 said...

You name it, if either of my nephews had it we kept it...all of it!