Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My pediatrician rocks!!

My pediatrician called me yesterday and said she would call his hemo doc about not getting the TEE done. So this morning the schedular guy calls and says. . we can do the hearing test on Thursday but the TEE can't be until the 21st.

Uh, I don't think so. So you want me to go up tommorow for the ultra sound, Thursday to put him under for the hearing test, and not until the 21st to be put under again for the TEE. This clinic doesn't know Jax very well. You don't put him under unless you really need to and get everything done at once.

Needless to say I was quite miffed. But I held my tongue with the schedular (after all he has about as much pull as the cleaning lady) and I imediatly called my pediatrician at home. She called me back and said, I'll take care of it.

She called me back an hour later and said, your on for tommorow. Wow do we love her. She told cardiology, if he clots in his lungs or heart, do you really want that liability. Of course they don't, they've delt with their screw ups already.

So tommorow we head up to the house on the hill. Pray that he extubates ok and we can come home after. ( the overnight bag is coming anyway, it always does)

I will update when we are all done.


hjoy said...

We also have one of those awesome pediatricians. So glad she got the tests all worked out for you.

big prayers that everything will go smoothly tomorrow.

My Three Sons said...

Do you think your pediatrician can call the Cardiologist down here and move his work up sooner than Feb 9th?

Keep your fingers crossed. Tomorrow we have plastic surgery at 8:30AM, OT at 9:30AM and Special Care at 11:00AM. I don't know if Carson will make it or not. That is alot on any kid. But I will be talking to SSC and see if Dr Robertson can pull some strings to move Carson's testing up. We will see. I'm also going to talk to her about Carson holding his chest and having these unresponsive spells. I hope that we can find some answers as well.

I will be praying for you to have a safe trip up there and back and that you get to leave after the appointments.

Update tomorrow so I won't worry.


Kaci and Carson

Maureen said...

Good luck to you guys!

MichelleH said...

Good luck! Hoping for good news! We'll be thinking about you!