Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hose goes in the nose..

I walk into my room and what do I see? Jax pulling his whole face down grabbing on the his O's.

He would rather oxygenate his lips than his lungs. Little stinker.

Then when I try to put them back in he covers his face. This is all great stuff for him because it means he is responding and not just staring off into space all the time. Maybe, just maybe, his brain is healing a little bit.

Oh ya, and the transesophegeal echo. They are still taking forever on getting it scheduled. They don't understand we need it NOW and not later. Well on Monday my fantastic Pediatrician is going to start knockin some heads to get this done. I want to take his picc line out soon because he's had it since October, and even though I love it for labs so they don't have to poke him. We are lucky it hasn't gotten infected yet. (knock on wood)

So I would like to get it out before that happens and puts him back in the hospital.

Have a great day!


Junior said...

Jaxon that oxygen goes in the nose, lol, very cute. You show them who is boss big guy.

Hope you can get the test scheduled soon.

My Three Sons said...

Very cute. I think that it is a toy, isn't it? LOL

I hope they get that scheduled soon for you guys.

wild things said...

He is looking more grown up. Little stinker