Wednesday, January 14, 2009

getting some teefers

Jax was a little fussy yesterday which is so not him. But it looks like he may be finally getting one of his top front teeth. Its all red and swollen. Can you believe my three year old only has two teeth. Its because he hasn't eaten by mouth since he was 4 months old, so nothing to push them in. I was concerned that he either didn't have teeth in his head or they were going to rott sitting under the gums. But his dentist said he could feel all his teeth under there. And as long as they are under the gums they will not rott. He said that kids eating and biting on toys pushes the teeth through, well Jax does neither of those things. Thats ok, the less teeth he has, the less he can grind them, because he somehow does that already. But I grabbed my camera because he kept doing this great pucker face he has. Check it out.

Here it comes..

Wait for it..
There it is

Its so cute. But of course then I picked him up and gave him some loving and kisses. Then we gave the tylenol to help with the teefer pain.


Junior said...

Sure hope those teeth come through quick. Junior had only about 3-4 teeth when he was that age also.

To answer your question about the vest. We had no trouble at all getting it. Doctor wrote a prescription and the vest company brought it out to us. We had it for a month so they could collect data on how it worked for Junior. After that month they approached medicaid about authorizing it. It took a few months to get it authorized but we were never charged for it. We love it and it has most literally been a life saver.

The VW's said...

Ohhh...that pitiful little pout and cry looks so familiar to me! Gavin's little lip sticks right out for quite a few seconds, letting us know that he's about to lose it as well. It's so sad, yet so darn cute!

We have had the same issue with his teeth as well. I thought for sure that he would be toothless for the longest time! It's weird too, because Gavin got his back teeth first, then some front ones and is just now starting to work on the middle ones. It's crazy!

I just love staring at your little man...He is the cutest!

Hugs from Michigan,

Alicia and Gavin

Maureen said...

Oh, his little boo-boo face. What a cutie!!

My name is Sarah said...

Oh what a face. Love the little teefers.

My Three Sons said...

If you don't stop picking on that cutie, I will have to come over myself to give him some lovin! LOL I always think babies look cute when they are mad.

Heather said...

I added your button,rather Jaxsons button.Looks great,Wish he didn't have to have one.You know what I mean?

WheresMyAngels said...

I love that last picture!