Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sleep, who needs sleep?

This is were I finally put Jax to sleep after a bout of his screaming fit in the middle of the night that wouldn't stop.

I would sure like to know what it is. We checked his ears, throat and all that stuff. It could be his tummy because he has chronic constipation but his new formula is helping that. I would really like to know if it is clots in his brain giving him headaches, but we have to wait until Monday to find that out.

I always try to get him back to sleep in his bed because moving him to my bed is not easy with feeds running and his monitor hooked up. But I finally gave in after fighting him in my bed for an hour we moved to the bathroom floor in the swing. Worked like a charm. He is still asleep right now at 9:30.

If only I could sleep till 9:30 :)

Oh by the way, the bolus feeds were a success. We now don't have to carry the backpack around 24/7.( Just 4 times a day and all night. Ha Ha)


My Three Sons said...

Carson doesn't like the backpack either. We tried to make a big hype over it and make him think it was like his older brothers backpacks for school but he wasn't into it.

The sleep thing is driving me nuts to. We need to get our little guys together and set them straight. LOL

Hope you have a wonderful New Years. Is your hubby working? Hope you two get to ring in the new year together.

Take care and I'm sending prayers your way so Jaxson can release some of the pain that he is in.

Proctor family said...

that must be nice to not have to carry that around anymore. I am gad he finally got some sleep. I hope you get some answers soon it is so hard to wait and not know what to do to help him. I hope you have a happy new year. I will be here with the two little girls and tim my foster son. I also told a family I would do respite care tonight this girl has some behavioral problems So I am hoping it goes ok. my husband is in arizona hunting he said it 74 degrees yesterday. oh well I get to be here with my cute kids.

Melissa said...

I feel so bad for Jax, this poor child!!! Thank God you found a way to get him to sleep;) I'm so anxious for Monday too! Thinking & praying that he has a good night.


Junior said...

Your little Jaxson is a cutie. Lots of prayers that they can figure out what is causing the screaming. I remember when my little guy(he is now 10) was able to go to bolus feeds and get rid of the back pack.
Happy New Year

Adam, Jaci, Grant, Grace and Amelia said...

I am so glad you left a comment on my blog. Tanya was telling me about all that you have been through. All I can say is wow! You are doing such an amazing job! Jaxon is so cute...I cannot wait to meet him in person some day. How is everything else going? Do you ever have time for yourself? Is there anything I can do from a distance? love,