Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More procedures, sigh

Remember how Jax had those purple spots on his feet that our ped thought were embolisms and cardiology shrugged it off? Well his hemo (blood) doctor saw him yesterday and he thinks that they are too. So he wants the transesophageal echo. The question was how urgent is it? Well he has had these spots for about ten days so they are not life threatening right now. So we are going in between Christmas and new years to have the TEE, an ultra sound of his stomach and groin to check for clots, and also a hearing test he needs that they have to do under sedation. We do everything at once because he can't be sedated, and once he is intubated he likes to stay on for a while. So pray when we go in that its same day, and we don't have to stay in the PICU intubated. One good thing is he still has his picc, we were going to pull it but decided to wait when the purple spots appeared. Its behind his knee, called a popliteal, we've never seen it, but he's had so many in his arms that the veins are shot.

We are excited for Christmas and we hope all of you have a great day too. Merry Christmas to everyone!!


My name is Sarah said...

merry Christmas to you too. Hang in there Jaxson.

Melissa said...

Poor Monkey:( Will be praying for Jax that everything goes well!

Merry Christmas to you & your family!!! Hope you have a joyous day;)