Monday, December 1, 2008

Today Jax had his follow up appointment with hemo for his blood clot. They are probably going to keep him on the lovenox for at least 6 months, depending on what todays labs show. They think he has a clotting disorder which scares the @#*& out of me because then I think of pulmonary embolisms and brain bleeds that can kill without you even knowing their there. But theres evidence that he's had clots before and when we think back we remember when he had a heart cath he got a clot and was on heparin, and also an art line that caused a clot. I hate having to give him shots twice a day for 6 months, luckily he doesn't even skwirm. The needle is an insulin needle so he barely flinches, Yeah.

He is still getting over his cold. I called the doc today to see if they still wanted me to bring him because all the cancer kids go to that clinic, they said just get a mask from the front desk. It was fun trying to keep that baby on. And it was quite embarassing when my baby is hacking his lungs out and all these moms with imunocompromised kids stare at me like I'm a lunatic. We still need to suck him out quite a bit but its getting better.

We are also going to try to keep Tanner off anxiety meds if we can, we are going to try changing teachers and doing a rewards system, but my doc is ready to hand out the meds with a phone call if this doesn't work.

Lacey and Jax