Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Studying sleep

We went Sunday night to have a sleep study for Jax. This was actually his first sleep study. He has always been on oxygen and he's not a good sleeper (probably for a reason) but other stuff has always taken precidence over a sleep study. But we finally got to it. Man it sucked big time. First of all they did a full eeg on him because he has siezures. So he didn't just have a couple of probes on his head, he had ALL of them. And the pulse ox is not in his room its on the computer were they watch him from, and that drove me nuts that I couldn't see what his sats were. Because they took him of oxygen at first because they need to see what he sats without it, and I was going crazy not being able to see the moniter. Plus I can't sleep next to him, he wakes up every couple of minutes, which means I didn't sleep at all. I don't know the results yet, I'm waiting for the doctor to call, hopefully we don't need tonsils out or even worse the dreaded c-pap. I will just turn up his O's if I need to, we know people who do that, right Julie?