Saturday, December 13, 2008

We hate cardiologists !!!

Check out mondos bruise from running into a wire that holds trees up. He ran full steam into it last Friday night when we went to the Festival of Trees.

Now for our frustrating story. I took Jax into his doc because he had purple spots on his feet. She was quite concerned because he is on blood thinners. So she ordered a bunch of labs and blood cultures from his picc, then she told me to go home and wait because she was going to call his cardiologist.
So she calls me later and says that cards wants to wait and see if he gets sicker, brilliant, lets wait until he is back on the vent and is to sick to fix. Its happened before, we sat on the vent for 3 months waiting for surgery. And they flat out lied to our faces.
Thank god we have a fantastic pediatrician who will do what it takes to get her answers. She thought it was either his heart throwing clots, or a reaction to the lovenox. So we got to drive up to pcmc this morning in a blizzard to get an echo. Right now the echo looks ok. But to really see a clot they have to do a transesophageal echo, and thats a lot more work. We'll see how it goes and we are just waiting for some more of the labs to come back.

I'm not willing to risk this beautiful baby's health by waiting for the dumb cardiologists.


Vickie Lynn said...

Wow, what did he do run into the tree? lol Silly kid. Stupid doctors! I don't like them =(

mom26kids said...

Doctor's can be so frustrating. I had my foster son who has down syndrome and who is also autistic at pcmc ER on thursday long story but to say the least it sucked and I don't have much confidence in their diagnosis. So, I will keep questioning until I am sure we are doing the right thing. thanks for visiting our blog. I hope you get some answers soon

MichelleH said...

Jaxson is so lucky to have you! Keep pushing those docs. Walking that tight rope between bleeding and clotting is a crazy thing! What have they tested him for so far? Are you still waiting on labs?

And I agree...he is WAY too beautiful to just "wait and see". Hang in there, hopefully the holidays will bring you some much-deserved miracles.

Michelle Hornbuckle

Druava Family said...

Wow! I can't believe all this kid has gone through! Poor kid. I hope they figure out what is going on, soon.