Friday, December 12, 2008

Thankful for what I have!

I had to take Jax to the hemo doc yesterday for his clot. Its in the oncology clinic, and there was this little girl around eight or nine. She had her cute beanie on, but she was white as a ghost and she had big dark circles under her eyes. She was also very underweight, (Jax has a lot of room to talk, the 17 lb 3 year old). She had a little garbage can next to her in case she got sick, and she was holding her moms hand. She looked so miserable, I couldn't take my eyes off her, although I was probably staring. It seems so dumb because Jax is still so fragile and it wouldn't take much to take him from this world. But when he is in the hospital he is usually so content. And if he is really sick then he is so sedated he doesn't know whats going on around him. This mom had to watch her little get so sick from the darn chemo, and she looked spent to. It just made me so sad, this little girl left a permanent mark on my heart. I just hope she feels better for Christmas.


Andrea said...

How sad to see that-it just makes my heart ache! But how grateful it makes me for 3 healthy children who drive me crazy! I'm glad the Jaxson it doing well. How is the Twilight thing going? My thoughts are with you-hang in there! We love and miss you guys! XOXO