Saturday, December 20, 2008

Busy Christmas time

You know everyone is busy with Christmas when there are no new blogs for days. Yep its crazy here too. Friday night the boys made their gingerbread houses, Jax of course watched from his seat.

Saturday morning we had the Utah down syndrome foundations party, we haven't gone to many downs functions in the last two years because after Jax brain injury he got so far behind even downs kids that I was sick of answers questions about why my 2 year old couldn't even hold his head up yet. But we decided for Jax and the other boys we need to start remembering who Jax is and what he has. Of course we forgot our camera so we have no pictures from that party with santa.

Saturday night we had our family Christmas party. So here are everyones pics with Santa.( except Carter because he jumped up there so fast we couldn't get his pic)

Jax and grandma at the party.


Proctor family said...

wow! your ginger bread houses are the real thing they are really cute.

My name is Sarah said...

Hi Jaxson. It is nice to meet you. You are a cutie pie. Have a nice Christmas.