Sunday, August 7, 2011

A bug in the mist

See these packages?
Blankies. Finally ready to go out! I've only sent out one blankie in the last couple months since starting up again, so this is a huge victory for me!

I know what your thinking. Why in the hell am I worrying about blankies with everything else going on right now? Truth is, I'm not. That's why only one blankie has gone out. But crocheting the blankies is my zen. Its what I do in the evenings when the kids are in bed and I can finally sit down and watch TV. So I promise I'm not working my buns off with the blankies. Although it does make me feel bad. I know there are children that could use their comfort!

On the Jaxson front. Pseudomonas grew out from his trach culture taken in the ER. Now Pseudomonas is very common in trachs, but it can wreak havoc and has in his case. The first doctor I talked to in the office said he needed IV antibiotics. To which I was like, no sir, he doesn't. My ped, on the other hand, said she didn't want to treat it at all. With Pseudomonas so common in trachs, the more you treat it, the stronger it becomes. She is worried about creating a superbug that antibiotics won't treat.
Now I love my ped, everyone knows that, but I told her we are treating it. Period! He is so junky, and its REALLY exaggerating his airway coughing fits. I totally understand overtreating, but its no different than overtreating an ear infection. He has major symptoms, not to mention in two years with a trach, this is only the second time he's had it. So I'm not worried about a superbug just yet!
And even though his yucky coloring is probably not the Pseudomonas, it could be contributing. With his little body working so hard for basic functions, any bug can really set him back.
And with this coloring yesterday, I can't, in good faith, agree to no antibiotics!

Those purple eyes, and pale face and lips, make him look horrible!!

Increasing the peep on his vent has done a TON of good. He doesn't like the peep that high when he's awake. Not that I blame him! Every other time he's had peep that high he's been sedated in PICU. It must feel like its hard to breath, when air is constantly being pushed into those airways. Over time he'll get used to it. Although I'm so glad its helping, it does confirm that his airway is getting worse, and that is a scary thought.
So this weekend we left the worry behind. Daddy was here, and in between working on house stuff, we made sure to have fun!
Friday after painting, we went to the Drive-in. Now Drive-in's are a dying breed, and I can't believe we've never taken the boys before! They had a blast. We let them sit on top of the van, for perfect viewing! We didn't need a babysitter, the babies slept peacefully the whole time. Of course my sweet boys cried when a transformer died. When I thought they were going to kill Bumblebee, we held our breath, and readied ourselves for a complete meltdown from Tanner. After all, Bumblebee is his favorite! But Bumblebee prevailed, crisis averted! Oh I love my sweet boys!
Saturday was swimming. Jax hasn't been to the pool since our Make a Wish trip in May, and that boy needed some sun. I love this pool, it has a gradual incline, so Arina can splash and swim safely, and I can sit there with Jax, and splash his hands in the water. Making dang sure Jax gets every "normal" experience he possibly can! Sorry, no pics of swimming. With two babies to watch, no hands for camera's. Plus we weren't about to leave our 500 dollar camera sitting with our swimming stuff!


Twilson9608 said...

He does look pale :(
Poor guy. I have been saying prayers for his breathing to get better. {{Hugs}}

Scrappy quilter said...

He does look pale. praying for your little man. Glad to hear you had some fun through all of this. Sometimes we just need "normal" in our lives, don't we. Hope the sale of your home goes quickly. Hugs and love

Melissa said...

I hope you get Jax's bug whipped soon. Love the drive in too, even though I haven't been in years.