Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where were you?

Do you remember where you were on Sept. 11? I will never forget. I was in bed, I had a two week old baby boy, and was exhausted from sleepless nights. I heard the radio that Ray was listening to and heard about a plane. Ray woke me up and told me about the attacks. I will never forget the chills and the tears as I watched those buildings fall on live TV. To this day I cannot believe it happened, I cannot believe that those towers are not still watching over New York City.
RIP to everyone that lost their lives on that day. You will never be forgotten, and you will forever be our hero's!
I found this video and I had to post it. Its from a family that lives in an apartment 500 feet from the WTC. Its not graphic, I would never post that, but its very real, so watch with caution. This is what everyone was feeling that day, caught on video.
Very surreal.


Mama Mason-Mann said...

Wow. No words. My little one just came in and put on the tv and said "I'm putting on the tv so you can put your mind off of that". Sweet. 9 years ago today I was rivoted in front of the tv with my 7 month old as watched the events unfold, from the 2nd plane hitting to the coverage that followed 24 / 7. I had such extreme survivor guilt I felt that I owed it to those that lost to watch every minute of it that I was awake. My family finally made me turn it off several days later. It's a day I will NEVER forget.

mandd3 said...

I lived in NY at the time. About 60 miles north of Manhatten. My neighborhood was full of stay at home moms and commuting dads who took the train into the city every morning. That day was spent running from house to house with everyone checking on everyone else. Tears flowed free all day and many of us could not get in touch with husbands or other loved ones. 2 never made it home.I still feel the pnaic and terror whenever I wach those videos. My girlfriend and I were actyally planning on going to the museum of natural history in the city, but thankfully my mom called and told me to turn on the news about 30 mins before we were set to leave.

The VW's said...

I was at an older lady's house that I used to care for a few mornings each week. My oldest was at school and I kept thinking that all I wanted to do was to go get him! I was trying to find a channel on t.v. that didn't have coverage about what was going on, because I was worried that the lady that I took care of would become really channel, without coverage, was to be found. Thankfully she handled it well. Because I certainly was not handling things well inside! I couldn't believe what had happened....and I still can't!

I will never forget this day, where I was and the feelings that I's the least I can do to thank those who lost their lives because of this great tragedy!

Rioux Family said...

I was in health class in 7th grade at Union. At first I had no idea what they were talking about. When they said plane I had just assumed it was an accident. I remember walking to Sonnie's after that and she was in tears.

Zoey's mom said...

Was sitting on the couch,nursing Jake.Watching the news,because I never did and still don't,watch the news when the kids were around.The house was quiet.The big girls were upstairs getting ready for school and Mark had already left for work.I sat there,in disbelief,mouth hanging open .. could not believe it.Still can't.

stephanie said...

It was Olivia's first day of pre -school. My neighbor, who's daughter was going to school that day with Olivia called me to tell me the Pentagon was hit. i didn't know what to do. I didn't know if I should send her or not.
We are less than 3 hours away, and I didn't know if maybe Boston was next. We're only 45 mins away. Your mind kind of goes crazy.
I remember having to go to Wal Mart for shoes for Olivia and crying in the isles.

The absolute strangest thing was , we live about 2 miles from the airport, and we are on a direct path , both landing and take off depending on the weather. The absolute silence that followed when the planes were grounded was simply eerie! To this day I mutter a "fly safe" as i hear them over head. I never thought I would miss the noise of a jet over head but I did. I did end up sending Olivia to school but it's definitely was hard to leave her.

Melissa M said...

I was getting ready to go to work. My car had been stolen a few days before so hubby was up watching the news while I got ready. He came and told me that one of the towers got hit and all I could think was how could a pilot manage not to see a huge tower...It didn't even occur to me that it was on purpose as it just seemed crazy. I thought it was a freak accident until I sat down and started watching the news.