Thursday, May 6, 2010

A little reminder!

One thing that was donated to the auction that I was very excited about was Paul Cardall's gift basket. Right now there are only two bids on it, and so I'm here to remind you why you need it! Its worth over 200.00 retail, but the autographs are much more than that. This is a gift basket not that we put together, but that Paul put together and handed to me from his own arms! It contains 6 CD's and 3 songbooks so you can play his music your self. Both autographed by him and he wrote Miracles happen, which we all know watching his story. Not only is he an award winning pianist, he is a miracle CHD survivor brings a lot of awareness to congenial heart defects!
Here's a couple of videos to remind you of how great his music is and how you need this gift pack!
Sorry, you might need tissues for this first one. I bawled my eyes out even though I've seen it before!

Now get your buns over to the auction and bid on this, its item #25. And leave a comment here if you love Paul Cardall!!


Denise said...

Just what I needed....a cry fest!!! His music is so beautiful!!! I hope you get well what is deserved for his gift basket!!

Kristin said...

You tell 'em Lacey!

Becky said...

I LOVE Paul. He's an amazing man - such an example to so many. His music is so beautiful. xoxo

The VW's said...

This should definitely go for a larger amount!

Also, what is the name of those leg braces that you velcro onto Jax? I am interested in getting some for Gavin and I also want to let another Mom know what they are called. And, who ordered them for you and Jax?....PT, doctor??? Thanks!!!