Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A little news

I got a little news on the echo, but not a full report. It does seem that there is no clot, so thats great news. It also says that the quality of the echo is not great. Why its not great, I don't know. Why pay to do an echo if its not great quality! I don't know what his pressures are yet. She said the echo is similar to his last one. The problem with that is his last echo was right before he was trached and his pressures were high. So my guess is they are still higher than they should be. I did hear one thing that I didn't know before that kind of makes me mad. She said he had a residual ASD. It took me a second to hear what she said. Wait, a residual ASD or VSD? I asked her. She said both. I about flipped. We knew he had a residual VSD that didn't get closed in his surgery. Now you are saying he still has an ASD too? What the heck did you do in surgery if he still has two holes in his heart? Sheesh!
My cardiologist is going to read the echo and then call us.
I did have something to keep my mind busy today though. Me and Ray decided to walk into the USCIS office and see if they would do our fingerprints before our appointment, which is scheduled for June 8. I didn't want to wait until June 8, plus we will be in California at a wedding during that week. There was not a soul in the waiting room, and they said they could do it! Yipee, now all we have to do is wait for the approval to come, get our dossier finished while we wait for that, then send it all off to Eastern Europe!
Another thing is Carter was invited to be on the All star teams for baseball. Well tryouts for the different teams is June 5. Of course, the day of the wedding! We really want Carter to do All stars this year, because he got jipped big time last year. So the plan is to leave Mondo and Carter home with my mom. She will take him to the tryouts on Saturday, then on Sunday she will put them on a plane to LA where we will pick them up. This will be interesting because they have never flown before, and they will be doing it alone! I'm not worried though. My mom can walk them up to the gate, and we can pick them up at the gate, so they will never be alone.


Sasha said...

Well isn't that crazy that they are telling you about the whole in his heart now. Someone made a mistake somewhere. Hope you get some good news around the heart issue and having no clot is goo.

Stephanie said...

What the heck is going on?!?!?! ou are the second person in a week that this has happened with! Hope it gets straightened out WITHOUT surgery. :(

Way to go Carter...Way to go Mom & Dad for fingerprints. Can't wait for your girl to come home. :)


Steph and Christopher

The VW's said...

Hope the cardiologist's report shows a decrease in his pressures! And, that they don't make you wait long to find out!

Great news about the fingerprints! You guys are moving right along!

I flew by myself when I was about 8 or 9. It worked out fine, but I was so scared! My mom asked a fellow passenger....the guy that was seated next to keep an eye on me and to talk to me during the flight. This helped to ease my fears. Have your mom ask them to do this for your boys. Plus, the flight attendants are great about giving extra care to little ones flying alone....just make sure they know they are flying alone. Hope it goes well! Hugs!!!

Michelle said...

Well, fooey...I hope you get some better more informative news for your cardio very soon. ((hugs))

Stephanie said...

How long has it been since Jax had a cath? Can they do the transespophogeal echo while sedated?

Aiden also had 2 residual holes following his first surgery, but by the time we left the hospital, they had closed.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Lacey that little round face of his just melts me. He is SO handsome. :)

I hope the cardiologist calls with the real results soon. Waiting sucks!

Are the boys excited about flying? They're together, and like you said they won't ever really be alone. I bet they'll have fun. :)

Hope said...

I'm glad there's no clots. I wouldn't freak out until the Dr calls and actually tells you these things. ((Hugs))

Rochelle said...

Glad for the no clot news, sorry about the rest of it. Praying the dr. has a better story when he takes a look.
Congrats to Carter, will say prayers for easy travel for them to CA.

Mama Mason-Mann said...

Love the picture of his face!!! :) Sorry to hear about the echo. What a drag. I hope when you hear from the cardio you get better news. Keep us posted.

Jessica said...

OMGosh Lacey! I can't even believe that you are just now being informed. I bet it's beyond frusterating!

Hip Hip hooray on the fingerprinting! Im glad your plan worked! And high five to Carter!

Alicia said...

FIrst, so glad you got your fingerprints done, that is awesome!

Second, I'm sorry about the iffy news on the echo. Glad to hear he does not have a clot, but the other news is pretty distressing. How could they have not told you about something like that? I hope it gets straightened out soon.

To Love Endlessly said...

keep us posted on this heart development. What the heck?!? Sounds like you found the best thing to keep you busy and smiling though. :-D

Evie's Story said...

That is just maddening when you find out something Doctors haven't felt relevant to share. We had that happen recently.....and I was not a happy camper.

Yay for one step closer to your baby girl!!

Tausha said...

Wow, that is just crazy. Haven't been able to blog for awhile so it was good to catch up. Jaxson is still so sweet.

Corinne Judy Smith said...

You have been so busy, and it sounds like life is going to be even busier getting ready for and leaving for California.
I can't believe your boys are going to fly alone. I think it's great that they will be going together, it will lift a bit of worry off of you guys. Hope Carter does well!