Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Its definitely stress

Well now I know that headaches, heart palpitations and neck pain is stress. Its rearing its ugly head today, a day that I took Mondo to the orthodontist and found out that all his stuff is going to cost me 3900 dollars. Yeah, and thats with insurance. The total is over 5000 dollars, and my insurance only pays 1500. Should I call around to ortho's and see if they will give me an estimate on their prices? Or just deal with it. Its a really nice office, but I wonder if all the fun stuff they do causes their prices to be higher. I just want the lowest price possible. But I'm exhausted. I don't have the energy to call around. I also just got a call that Jax can't get traditional medicaid and the only waiver she knows of is the brain waiver, which he has but they have to be 18. I'm sure different states have different waivers, but how can our state have no waivers for kids? Now if we go to Boston it will all have to be out of pocket. Oh, here comes the pounding heart again.

We are trying to find a way daddy can go part time to get through school. But I don't know how we can afford that.

Sigh, does it ever end.

Tomorrow I get to drive all the way to the hospital to meet with a doctor who's already told me he doesn't know what to do about Jax siezures anymore. Remind me why I'm meeting with him again? I honestly don't know. I was hoping we would have heard from Boston by now. Because if someone will fix his SVC problem, then the increased siezures may improve some on there own. I can't wait to hear what he has to say tomorrow. (Do you sense that sarcasm?) The only good thing this week is picking up Jax new stroller on Thursday, and knowing it was covered 100% by insurance. Finally something.

Here's a good way to end a sour post. A cute blankie kido and a pic of my munchkin man.


Lily said...

Brody is adorable. I'm sorry you are going through all this! We take Lily to Dr. Yamishiro at PCMC for orthdontics, not a lot of hype, but a really nice group of people to work with.

CFMama said...

I would definitely recommend a 2nd opinion, just for price comparison purpose...but make sure you go with a good ortho. I had braces and my bite was screwed up by my ortho...you want it done right the first time.

And I am going to give you the advice that everyone gives me but it never works but it should. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths all the way in and all the way out slowly.

I know too well what you are dealing with in terms of health insurance. Praying big time for answers.

Melissa said...

God Lacey, if that Doctor makes you waste your time...I'd be so P@$*&!!!! I can't begin to IMAGINE what you are going through! I'm so DISAPOINTED with Boston & the fact that these guys are not getting back to you. This is horrible & my heart is breaking for you!
I have no clue with the Ortho thing...but GOOD LUCK!!!

HOLLY CRAP Lacey, you sure have your hands full & have so much to carry...will be praying for you tonight. Pls know that even though I haven't been bloggin lately...I think of you & Jax every day!!! UGH, I feel sick that you didn't hear from Boston...
{{HUGS}} & LOTS of love

Stephanie said...

Oh sweetheart, I so get it.
Please know you're not alone. We are going broke and slowly losing our sanity.. what else are we supposed to do? We do it for our babies, and we do it for love.
Don't let this doc push you around tomorrow. I hope he has more supportive news, but if not, get up and walk out the door. There are other docs out there. Don't waste your time on anyone who doesn't have as much passion to give Jax a wonderful life as you do.
Keep on keeping on darlin' and we'll be right here with you.

Shari said...

Agreed: Brody is adorable! And Jaxson is as cute as ever! I have been praying you could get some answers soon. Also, when it comes to the orthodontics, if he really needs braces the 'traditional' metal braces are cheaper than the newer clear ones. I hear your frustration. I sure wish I could help in some other way than just words in a comment. Love to you!

Emily said...

Oh Lacey... I am so sorry you have to go through all of this! No wonder why your heart is racing. Mine would too.
I would try for a second or even third opinion. So many places have so many more options. When insurance doesn't cover enough.
Brody is adorable. You are such a wonderful person!

Anderson Family said...

Brody is cute!! I love reading about the blankie kids and love that the word is spreading. You are such an amazing woman who is giving so much to these wonderful kids.

I am so sorry that things are so stressful and frustrating right now. Hopefully the financial aid will come through soon!! I wish I could do more to help you - do you need anything that I could help you with?

And I would get a second or third opinion on the braces thing. I think a lot of orthodontists have a free consultation. Of course that means more time - but if it saves a lot of money it would be worth it.

Hugs and prayers!

Heather said...

Not even going to go into the monesy stuff as you know all too well just how well I get that.The stress,yes, affirmative on that too.Lacey,probably the daily survival mode you operate on is finally taking it's toll on your body.You are stretched so thin and I so wish I could lighten your load.Like, call Boston and say "What the heck are you people waiting on !!! Come on!!Child waiting to get on with his life ..now!"Sending you my prayers and thinking of you always.

My Three Sons said...

I wish that the state could help you out more. That is terrible that they would just let you foot the bill on everything.

I think I would call around for ortho's. Coltan had braces and we called around.

Hope things start looking up for all of you.


The VW's said...

Lacey, I'm so sorry that life sucks so much right now! I wish that I could come and fix all of your problems and I wish that you would just come and move to Michigan so that I could give you a great big hug and help you out in some way. Plus, Michigan's medicaid for special needs children is wonderful! Am I wearing you down enough to consider it?! :)

Here I am being selfish, only focusing on my wanting you to move here, and I should be lifting you up! SORRY!

I'm praying and thinking about you guys often! It has to get better! They say that "good things come to those who wait", so good HAS to be coming for you! LOVE, HUGS and PRAYERS!!!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

That's crazy about the waiver! We got on with an "Institutional Deeming - Katie Beckett" waiver. I hope you can find a way.

The ortho estimate scares me. My son needs braces soon, badly. We don't have that much money!

I hope your headache is gone and you got some sleep last night.

Kristin said...

Oh man! We are just entering the SSI/Medicaid paperwork drama. We already joke about medical bankruptcy :) Prayers on your behalf! Try some vitamin B - my mom swears by them for stress!

Kristin said...

P.S. I too, think Jax and Max could brothers with their matching do's - is Jax's hair brown with a little red too?

stephanie said...

Oh Lacey, stress sucks... there's no other way to put it, everything you're dealing with is stress. I wish Boston would get their stinkin' act together. What the hell are they doing!
I know you don't feel like it ,I wouldn't either but get a second opinion on the braces, that sounds off. Praying for some kind of peace to come your way soon.

Jeana said...

I'm sorry that you have to deal with all of this. How frustrating, I can't even imagine. You are such an awesome mother and your little guy is such a fighter. We would love a blankie, but no rush. You are super busy and we'll be in the NICU for a "while", whatever that means. It would be so fun to meet you and have you meet Kaelyn. As far as colors I really like aqua blue, or light teal...but once again not picky in the least. Good luck with everything.

sturpin said...

Lacey, we have got to get y'all out of Utah! Do you have a Social Worker that is familiar with Jax? Maybe one at the hospital? Our SW knew so much about various programs. There has got to be something!

Bethany said...

Wow I am so sorry you are going thru all this. I have been there with my oldest with braces they are expensive!!
But I have to agree that the ending to your post was just BEAUTIFUL!!! Brody & Jax are so so so cute. Brody just loves him!