Saturday, July 18, 2009

A backwards day

We had to get up bright and early this morning to see Ice Age 3. I needed to bath Jax, but he takes longer to bath because we have dressing's to put on. So we skipped the bath. Ice Age 3 definitely a go see, very cute. The boys laughed the whole time.
Around 3 I decided to go ahead and give Jax a bath, his g-tube and c-tube dressings didn't get changed this morning, so I took them all off, was ready to put him in the tub and thought. If I flush him out tonight, he's going to be stinky and I'll have to put a whole new dressing on again. So then I thought I will just flush him out right now. I can't leave his tubes undressed, he has grabby hands. So we did our flush out at 3 and then took a bath. A little backwards, but thats ok.
Jaxson has concerned me a little the last couple of days. He looks super puffy to me, and if he lays on his back for a while his eyes get puffy. He also had a couple of episodes were his alarm went off but when I went in there is O's were in his nose, but his sats were dropping. They came up on their own but I don't know why he's doing this. He also has been more lethargic. He almost looks stoned, which has me concerned for siezures again. Status siezures, that is. Its kind of funny how we were just talking about his status being different and now he is acting like he's in it. I'm going to watch him for a couple of days and wait for the increase in meds to start working, then we'll make a judgement. Cross those fingers for no status though, that would be very, very bad. The pic on the top left hand side of our blog was last time he was in status, not a pretty picture. I was trying to take his pic after his nice bath, he looks a little stoned don't ya think? No hands by the face like he usually does.

We are going swimming tomorrow. Can't wait to take some pics of Jax in the water. We are also going to a photo shoot on Tuesday. Jax is going to be in our down syndrome foundation's yearly calender. I'm so excited, I've been trying to get him in that for a while now. Its a beach scene. How fitting for us, and he'll be in his swimsuit. Sexy baby. I just hope it goes well. He's not easy to take pics of, even though he's sooo cute (I'm not biased) he can't sit up and he won't look at the camera and say cheese. So I'm crossing my fingers he behaves.

Oh and lastly. Today Lily's birthday bash giveaway is gift cards to walmart. We can all use those right. Hurry over and enter, you only have the rest of today.


Stephanie said...

I hope the photo shoots goes well. He does look a little puffy, but he looks like he is concentrating on something. :) Let's hope for that.

I e-mailed blogger about the problems. They said your site didn't exist! Huh? They are taking another look. Let me know if you can see posts on ours when you get a chance.

Have a great and uneventful rest of the weekend!


Steph and Christopher

Lily said...

I am so glad everything go taken care of for the calendar! I am in Colorado and Shalee called me here this morning looking for your phone number, but of course I didn't have it. I told her to go on FB. I'm so glad you said something again!

Kristin said...

I'm crossing my fingers and praying for you. Have fun swimming!
Can't wait for the new calendar :)

Melissa said...

WOW, Jax does look puffy! I don't know how you do it? I would be a wreck worrying! At least we all know that he has the very best Mommy looking after him for sure!! and I'm not kidding;)
Good luck w/the calendar...I can't wait to see how it looks! I'm sure that it's going to be super adorable;)

THANK YOU SO MUCH for Dillon's birthday gift! That was so kind of you! I'm sure that Dillon's going to treasure it for a very long time!!! It brought me tears when I was opening the package for him...I feel like we're such close friends, minuse all of these States in between us;) LOL!!
You're the best in so many ways!!!

{{HUGS}}& Good luck w/Little Jax....will pray for this swelling & "stonage" LOL Poor Baby:(

The VW's said...

I pray that Jax starts coming around and that he is back to his old tricks, like pulling those o's out of his nose! Poor little man and poor Momma! I hate worrying about these types of uncertainties!

Hang in there Lacey! I'll be thinking of you! Love and Hugs!!!

Mama Mason-Mann said...

Could the increase in meds be making him dopey? Just thinking out loud here. Good luck with everything! And give that adorable boy a squeeze!

stephanie said...

Will you get to show us the photos or do we have to buy a calendar? I'd love one either way. Good luck with that cutie.
Jax does look more puffy to me too.
Have fun tomorrow!

Stephanie said...

Praying like crazy for our little guy. Things have been looking up lately, let's keep that trend going.
Can't wait to see the pics from the photo shoot, that boy can't take a bad picture!

Anderson Family said...

I am so excited that Jax will get to be in the calendar - I can't wait to see the pictures!! How fun to do a beach scene - I am sure he will cooperate fully and will be cute for the picture!

It sounds like we will have to go and see Ice Age 3.

I'm sorry he has been acting up and not being himself - we hope he is just adjusting to the medicine and things will start looking better as his body adjusts.

I really like the binder - I can see why doctors and nurses would love to have that around. I am going to have to put one together for Carter. Thank you so much for letting me borrow it.

Emily said...

Oh... sweet little Jax. He's always in my prayers.
I am so glad you were able to get him in the calendar! I am excited for Justin's shoot too!
Have fun swimming!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I can't wait to see your photo shoot pictures!

I am hoping and praying for NO status. That is so scary to have to worry about. :(

sturpin said...

Lacey, my husband says he loves the mohawk. :) He doesn't normally look at blogs with me.

I finally looked up status. I've been putting it off. Too cowardly, I guess. Oh my goodness. Our sweet boy. I hope that medicine works - please work.

Loren Stow said...

I hope that increase in meds does the job! Holding my fingers and toes for you all!
As for the photo-shoot!! Very cool! I am sure that Jax is going to be just perfect!! Enjoy!

Kim said...

Jaxson is always adorable! Continued prayers for that sweet boy!

Adam, Jaci, Grant and Grace said...

He is such a stud! Hope everything is okay. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Oh and thanks for posting that video/song. Very touching!

Ruby's Mom said...

Sweet baby.How cool that he gets to be in the calendar!He's in my prayers.Give him hugs for me :)