Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Speaking of adoption, a year in review

There's nothing more amazing than seeing the transformation of a child that was doomed to a horrible life and probably early death.
What an experience, seeing this country that I never thought in my wildest dreams I would ever travel to.
Yes it was also hard, I don't think anyone who has done it would say it was a piece of cake. That would be a big fat lie!
I posted a bunch of videos, from in the orphanage, to just yesterday, and the transformation is amazing!
I love this first video! Partly because she was so tiny and sweet, but you can see her starting to emerge from her shell before we even got her out of her country! The first couple times we visited her, she just sat there, staring at her fingers. In this video, we get a smile, and you can see she wants daddy to keep bouncing her on his knee!

Just a few days home. Big brothers already bringing this tiny girl out of her shell!

We get laughter for the first time a few months later!

Now the beginnings of a naughty toddler. A lot more mobile, and a lot more sassy!

Last week, now a walker, and best of all, a dancer! She would not perform for the camera though, the little stink. So at the very beginning you see her dance, and then she stops. In the second video its a little better, but she still won't perform as good for the camera!
(sorry for the shakes, I had to dance to get her to dance!)

We changed the life of a child. But more importantly, she changed our life!

Its utterly amazing!!


Rochelle said...

Remember those early videos well. It is so fun to watch the transformation. Anyone that doesn't agree what a family does for a child is SO wrong.

The VW's said...

You are so blessed to have her, and she is so blessed to have you! Hugs!

Jeana said...

Simply amazing!

Scrappy quilter said...

Amazing and beautiful. What a gift adoption is. Hugs

I Just Love You said...

so beautiful!

Alison said...

It has been delightful to watch her transformation!

Gill said...

I've been reading your blog for years but never comment! I love reading about all your kids but seeing the change in Arina is just amazing. I love seeing how much happier Jaxson seems since she came home too. You have done such a wonderful thing. X

Shelly Turpin said...

I just love her!

Melissa said...

These videos show such a transformation! Adoption truly is a gift!