Tuesday, April 14, 2015

One rough winter!

Its hard to even think there is a winter when it's warm all year long! 

But this year definitely showed us a cold side! We have all been sick nonstop this year. Jax hasn't been this sick since we moved to California, nearly 4 years ago!
He is finally back to baseline after having rsv. I actually got sick first, surprisingly Arina only got an ear and sinus infection. Jax kept going up and up on his oxygen needs, up to 10 liters. Respirations in the 60's, all this on the vent. Monday the 6th we took him to Pulmonology. She kept telling me he needed to be admitted and I kept resisting. I hate admitting him if he doesn't need IV fluids or meds, and his oxygen levels are doable at home. But I lost the battle, and we were sent to the er to wait for an open picu bed. 

While in the ER he tanked on us. His blood gas was bad and his color was grey. He was put on the more powerful hospital servo ventilator and his rate and peep settings were increased.

While in the hospital we got the results that showed rsv. Of course pneumonia thrown in there and his x ray was awful! The x ray on the right was when he was sick in feb. The one on the left was that day. Almost a complete whiteout. 

After a couple days he was transitioned back to his home vent and home settings. 
We also found out during this stay that his port is not fixable and will be replaced after his respiratory status is good. We also found out that after 7 years, we may be able to come off lovenox shots! He will always have his clotting disorder, but since he has no new or active clots, aspirin should be enough to prevent new clots from forming. It will be so nice not to have to poke my sweet boy twice a day anymore!
I think I'm going to douse my home in Lysol, and keep my fingers crossed that we are done with the sickies for a while!