Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saying goodbye is always hard!

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our beloved Reggie! 

All the boys have had Reggie since they could remember. Mondo is the only one that had life before him. 
He was 13, a Shepard/chow mix. A pound puppy, he was amazing! No other dog will ever compare. He was gentle with everyone, but protected when he had to. He chased a burglar out of our garage one morning. 
He had not ben eating well for a couple months. I bought him softer food, knowing he is getting older. But two days ago he stopped eating completely. He had lost a lot of weight, so I took him in yesterday. His teeth looked ok, so we knew it wasn't that making him not eat. The only way to tell for sure was 600 dollars worth of testing. That would only show us what it was, not treat it. And treating a 13 year old dog for cancer or organ failure would be cruel. So we decided the best thing for him was to put him down. 
The boys were all there, and it was heartbreaking! They are making us a mold of his paw, and the boys kept his collar and tags. 
This morning it was so hard to go out back and not have him wagging his tail, greeting me at the door. 
We'll miss our friend, love you forever Reggie!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How come I can never go through with it?
How many times have I said I'm done blogging?
And I always change my mind!
Maybe its because I've met so many amazing people and kidos
through my blog!
Maybe its because I know you just can't get enough of these two!

So I give in.....
we aren't going anywhere!