Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A little reminder

Sometimes we need a reminder of a reality that is still happening today. A reality that people either turn away from, or think that there is nothing they can do.

I beg you to take the time to watch this video. Its only one video of an hour long story. I watched each video in order on youtube. That's how I found it. You can forward through the first minute, as it is a little slow. But it needs to be seen, to be passed along to everyone you know.

There is no greater warrior than these children. And it may sound harsh, but people that listen to these cries, who see these bodies, and continue on as if it doesn't matter, are heartless! These are children. These are humans. They feel pain, and they deserve love!

All I have to do is look at my sweet angel girl, and I can picture her as an older child. Skinny, hungry, and without love. She is lucky that she was rescued before she had to see the inside of an institution. She will never have to experience that pain.
The first time I saw my baby girl, she was so tiny, and she never once smiled.

After a few days of seeing us, she started to hold on like she never wanted us to let go.

I can't imagine that a year and a half later, she is a vibrant, beautiful princess. Every child deserves this chance at a normal life. They should never be allowed to get in the shape they are in this video. Never!

You can help. You can help fundraise for these sweet children. Maybe you've been considering adoption. There are many children that need homes.
What can you do?

Hmm, and not sure why my pictures are so small this time. I changed them like I do with every post. Oh well!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

In motion

This girl spends much more time with her brothers than playing with any toy.

I always find her on her brothers lap...

Or totally engrossed in a Disney Junior show.

Yesterday they invented a new game.
It's more like a ride than a game!

(I'm starting to think we should just use this skirt as a belt, since that's what it looks like 90% of the time anyway!)

This girl is all about adventure!

In motion!

And if brothers say all done, time to stop.
She lays it on thick!

And I mean really thick!

They can't resist that little face.

Because we all know that she has her brothers wrapped around her little finger!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Swing update #3

The great swing debate continues!

We found the park that we were told has the handicap swing. It is a mere 2 blocks from out house. Its the same park that has the water feature that our princess had such fun at!

But as I got closer to the swing, I realized it is not a handicap swing after all. There are no handicap signs around it, like a handicap swing would have. Actually, I'm not sure what it is. Its ginormous, it looks like its more for adults.

And the more I tried getting Jax in there,

The more I realized this swing is quite worthless!

Its very narrow at the bottom, and it sits up way to high. There is no way Jax can swing in it by himself. He would fall out the sides.
I wish so much that it would be easier for him to be able to enjoy swinging like his baby sister does.

But we know after 6 years, that everything with Jax takes just a little more work.
The good news, Jax can still swing on this swing, he just has to sit on mommies lap!

I can't hold him on a normal swing because I don't have 4 hands to hold him and hold on. I always fear I'm going to fall backwards. This way, I can sit back and hold him, and we can swing away!
A friend showed me this swing, that she has for her son. Its only 73 dollars, not too bad for special needs equipment! I don't have a swingset to hook it to, but I think I could hook it to my deck. I may just get this swing, so Jax can swing away anytime he wants to, right at home!

Monday, May 21, 2012

We're baack!

We are back from our little getaway. Back and ready to face the world again. With an another hospital stay coming up in a couple weeks. (although I'm loving the planned hospital stays! Not so much crazy rush!) Back to the whirlwind of doctors appointments, mixed in with baseball and karate!

Whew, jumping in head first for sure!

We had so much fun! We danced with Mickey,

met new boyfriends,

oh, the boyfriend came back and decided that they needed their own booth.

soon joined by Chip

Jaxson got undivided attention from Rafiki. He sat with him all through breakfast!
I would love so much to talk to the people under the costumes. I bet we have a lot in common. I always wonder if they have a special needs child themselves!

We gave kisses on noses,

Rafiki is still there, holding Jaxson's hand!

We got our hair messed up by an alien,

had a staring contest with Pluto,

paddled canoe's,

but most of all, we swam,

and we relaxed!

Who's the prettiest princess of all??

Oh ya, you know its Arina!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A few days off

Jaxson had his barium enema on Monday. Man that kid can make any test interesting! He did really good at the beginning. Towards the end of the test, when they were taking still x-rays, his face started to lose color. It was so weird, I had never seen him do this before. Soon he was gagging and retching. He continued to retch all night, and was a yucky, grey color! Luckily he didn't aspirate!

The test led us to no answers. The good news is he doesn't have hirshprungs, which would have to be surgically repaired. She is not happy with just continuing the suppositories, but there isn't much more we can do. He just has super slow motility.

Tonight we are heading to the Disneyland hotel for a few nights.
I know, it is a mere 30 minute drive from our house to Disneyland, but we needed to get away from the stresses of life. No baseball, karate, or tutoring. No doctors appointments in the Los Angeles traffic. No moving again for a LONG time! And I actually feel better being close to home, so if I forget something for Jax, we can just run home and get it!

Just a whole lot more of this, and we are super excited about it!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Future nurse

Training to be a future nurse!

But she needs no training in the best sister ever department.
She has that one down perfect!!