Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer happiness

I have the most beautiful family ever! I'm already loving school being out, staying up late, and playing all day. Blockbuster is doing a promotion right now, where if you rent a new release, you get a movie free every day, until July 4th! You only have to rent the new release once. So every day, we trot in to Blockbuster, taking turns picking a free movie for the night! I swear by July 4th, we'll have seen everything in the store!

Mondo, although going through the typical teenage/junior high attitude, is ever so sweet. The last week of school, he had his year end concert. He is learning to play the violin this year, and I think we are going to buy the violin, because he is serious about continuing to play.

The last day of school for Tanner and Carter was bittersweet. Tanner's teacher, Mrs. Jo, is my favorite teacher ever! She has a love for special needs kids, and even has a DS granddaughter! She has all the special needs kids in her class, what would seem like a daunting thing! But she has gotten Tanner to stay in his class 90% of the day, only going to resource for an hour. When he first started at this school, he was in resource the majority of the day. Mrs. Jo wanted him in her classroom, interacting with his peers, and he had a fantastic year! Oh ya, and she is crazy tall!!

Carter's teacher had a hard time letting him go, like most teachers do. They love him because he is so helpful, and so sweet to everyone!
I had an interesting appointment with him yesterday. His and Tanners asthma is not well controlled at all. Unlike all of Jax problems, I knew at least one of my children would more than likely be afflicted with asthma. It is genetic in daddy's side, almost everyone has it. I can hear them wheeze when they are asleep at night, and Carter is struggling in baseball practice, often needing an inhaler after running. My ped said to take them to an allergist. I don't know why I didn't make the appointment for them both at the same time, maybe because we were talking about Carter and baseball, but this appointment was just him. He tested him for basic allergies. No food, just all outside stuff, and mold and dust mites. He reacted to everything but 3! So he's basically allergic to everything outside, common in asthma kids. His lung function was 53%, and only went up to 58% after albuterol, showing that he has had chronic inflammation that is not reacting anymore to albuterol. So we switched his flovent to advair, something I didn't want to do because advair is quite strong, but we had no choice. We are hoping to avoid allergy shots for now, so he gets a nasal spray, and we'll hope that these two drugs will help keep him breathing easy! Tanner is next up for all these tests, and I'm guessing that it will be advair for him as well!

Jaxson, oh Jaxson! Surgery coming up in less than a week. I will be up there alone, since daddy will be working in Cali. I did find out that my friends son is having his open heart surgery on the same day, so I'm excited that we will be there together, worrying! I'm also really happy because she doesn't have much family support, and although this will be his 5th open heart, its been a couple years since she sent him to the OR. Understandingly, she's nervous, and I'm glad to be there to support her.
I called our trach/vent coordinator about Jax. We talked about the fact that his narrow airway causing him to cough is not getting better. We think that his blue episode for Auntie Boo when we were in Ukraine was from him actually collapsing the trach with his airway. Crazy stuff. I told her we need to look harder at fixing it, because if I'm not going to get a single second of nursing help, than I can't be up all night with him, and function during the day. She agreed! She wants him bronched. So when he has surgery Tuesday, ENT will bronch him, and take a good, long look at his airway, and if something needs to be done to it while he is still trached. We thought airway surgery wasn't going to be needed unless we took the trach out. Now we may need it sooner.
Always something with this warrior!

My little peanut, my princess, amazes me everyday! You have no idea how fun it is, after 8 years, to have a toddler in the house again. To walk into the kitchen and have all my drawers emptied. To have someone pulling silverware out of the dishwasher as fast as I put it in. She is so busy, and so curious, and we could just eat her up!

Oh, and the best part....daddy comes home tonight!!


Cammie Heflin said...

I totally agree, your family is wonderful!

To Love Endlessly said...

Sounds like your summer is off to a great start!! Your kids are all so gorgeous! Praying Jax's surgery goes well.

Kim Rees said...

God Bless You Lacey! I have been out of the loop for awhile but I am hoping to check in more regularly. Your family is amazing! The kids all look fantastic! That little girl of yours is such a sweetheart! I'll be praying that all goes well with Jax's surgery. Take care and may you be at peace.

Our Family said...

advair is awesome! he should do great on it!

Shelly Turpin said...

so happy about the IRS - wahoo!! Arina is just so beautiful!

Zoey's mom said...

All wonderful things going on with all the beautiful people in the Rugg household!Summer is the best and made all the better because you are coming here!!!

Love to you all and prayers for the little man as surgery is almost upon you all.He will do great.After all he is Jax the wonder boy!

Rochelle said...

So glad you all are enjoying time together!
You know we are praying for a successful surgery.

Kristin said...

Yay for Daddy at home!!!

The VW's said...

As always, sounds like lots going on at your house! Praying the surgery goes well and hope they can figure out all of Jax's coughing!

I love Summer too! The only problem about doesn't last long enough! Have fun with all your sweet kiddos! Love the pics of them! :)