Sunday, March 13, 2011

My parents doggy died on Friday night :( She was just a puppy, not even a year, yet she was the size of a small pony! She was a giant schnauzer. They had her spayed Friday, and although she was acting very lethargic, the vet said to expect that for a day or so. She was sleeping on my brothers bed. He called my mom in about midnight to tell her the dog peed on his bed. When my mom went to pick her up, she was limp, and my brother said he thought she was dead.
She was. My poor brother and dad are heartbroken! Keep them in your thoughts, many of you know animals are like family!

Last night me and Ray went on a date to see Jax girlfriend dance. Kayla, Auntie Boo's daughter, is on the UVU dance team, and they had their year end show. She looked beautiful, as always! And while this is Kayla today.....

This is the Kayla I remember! See that itty bitty in the very front? Not scared of anything, with her little tongue hanging out? Yep, thats my Keet!! I seriously need to find some dance pics of her and me when she was that little! I know I have them somewhere! (Yep, thats me, third from the front, looking like my eyeballs are popping out of my head. And Auntie Boo is second from back, with her finger up her nose! Sorry Boo, had to post it!)

I would have loved to take Jax, but there was no handicapped seating, and it would have been to noisy if he needed to be suctioned. But if it was closer to my house, I would have had someone bring him over after. I think she would have loved to see him there when she came out!
Jaxson loves Kayla more than anything. He is absolutely smitten by her! Look at that lovey face he gives only to her!!

Keet, good luck at nationals next month. You'll do fabulous, as always!!


Scrappy quilter said...

So sorry to hear about your parents dog. It's always sad to lose a pet. She is one beautiful lady...I can see why Jax is smitten with her. Hugs

Rochelle said...

So sorry to hear about your parent's dog. We will definitely pray for them.
Jax has super taste in women! She is beautiful!

Becca said...

Oh, I'm so very sorry to hear about the dog!!!! My father has a giant schnauzer puppy, too, who was just neutered last week. I can completely understand the heartbreak they must feel - they're an amazing breed of dogs with so much character. :-(

Love the pics of Jax - you can see how much love there is there.

Meghann said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the puppy, that's devistating.

What a beautiful pictures of the 2 of them, he's obviously infatuated! :)

Anonymous said...

You just won't quit until I'm completely out of tears will you. . . . You have made me cry more than anyone should be allowed to! You're so special to our family and I don't know what Kayla will do without her little boyfriend! Thanks so much for coming to her show. It meant so much to us! She'll have to give Jax his own private show! :)
We love you! Belinda and Kayla