Thursday, March 24, 2011

My crummy pictures

My first day without daddy started off ok. When the boys got home from school was when the chaos started. Run Carter to baseball, come home and take Mondo to his concert. Go back and pick up Carter, then Mondo, come home. This whole time Arina is screaming bloody murder! She then proceeds to vomit on the floor. I gave her watered down juice and put her to bed. Jax had a slight fever, but it went away on its own and hasn't returned. He is still super junky, although nothing else. I hate this limbo! I wish he would either get sick, or lose the junkiness! Now today, he just randomly cries uncontrollably, then he's fine. I don't know what that's about!
I'm not sure whats up with Arina. She hasn't vomited again, besides her typical reflux. She has had a lot of poopy diapers today though. Its like we came home from Cali a total mess!

The IRS is auditing most adoption tax credits, that includes us! So we have no idea when to expect it, it could take months. Which doesn't help when we need the money to do a couple things to the house before putting it on the market.

I snapped some pictures, but these are usually how my pictures turn out on this camera.
The wrong thing in focus.

Just plain blurry!

blurry and red eye!

Once again, blurry!

It makes me crazy! Its auto focus, so I can't manually focus on what I want. This is supposed to be a nice point and shoot camera. Its a nikon coolpix. Ray keeps telling me to read the camera book. I don't have time for that. Plus I'm finding that I have major reading comprehension problems! I read instructions, but can't figure out how to actually do them.
I did get some good pics of Arina yesterday.
Showing off her new levi's from Heather!

See those chompers? She now sports both bottom teeth!


Michelle said...

I don't think the pictures are bad. I feel like my pictures stink most of the time, so maybe I'm a bad judge...LOL. Hopefully you will be able to settle down into some loose routine. I'm sure these first few weeks will take a lot of tweeking. It's never easy, though, when you are having to drag multiple kids here and there and to and from and all that. Hang in there, sister.

Team Carter Jay said...

Well even in crummy pictures, they're still adorable!!

Cammie Heflin said...

I hope everyone starts feeling better! Heather's house is full of sickies too! I love the pix btw, they are your beautiful kids!

Rochelle said...

The pictures are great. Oh that Arina just gets more beautiful everyday! Hoping she and Jax clear up and that your refund comes quickly.

Scrappy quilter said...

The first picture of sweet and that little princess, just darling. It's difficult when daddy is gone and there is change happening and everything else that goes on when you have kids with disabilities. Hope they are feeling better soon. Sending you lots of good thoughts and hugs.

Kristin said...

We FINALLY get to take the tax credit this year. I hope our accountant sends in the right paperwork - I gave him stacks and stacks last year - hope he saved it.
Good luck being the single mommy! Max threw up ravioli today while climbing in the rocking chair. I cleaned it up, but forgot about it when I sat down to rock him to sleep this afternoon. Of course, it wasn't dry and I've been walking around with ravioli throw-up stench on my butt all day! Nice.
Hope Arina's not getting sick.

Anonymous said...

Cute pics as always, but if you're not happy with the quality, could you delegate and get Mondo to read the camera instructions and tell you how to focus it better? It would give him great practice on research skills, picking out relevant information, and summarising it to someone else, and teens are the most tech-confident generation about. Just a thought!

kecia said...

what a doll! I love her blue eyes!

Jill said...

easy thing to remember about point-n-shoot cameras....
The landscape mode is set up to have a wide depth of field to keep the whole picture in focus, close up trees, distant mountains, and everything in between. You can use the landscape mode in a situation where you want the your subject and the background to be in focus.

You can also use the Portrait mode to reverse the effect, decreasing the depth of field so that an interesting tree you want to isolate from the background will stand out against an unfocused and distant mountain.

Arina is a doll <3

Melissa said...

Love Arina's teeth and the jeans! Hope you all get over the junk from Cali soon!

COOLWHIP said...

We had problems focusing on the right thing with the cool pic camera too. I was sure it was my husband...
Your daughter is beautiful, she has the brightest blue eyes.
I hope your boy clears up soon, too. Sick kids are not my idea of fun. But, the season sould be ending.... bring on the hay fever.

The VW's said...

SUCH cute pics, even if you aren't happy with the quality of some of them!

Hope things get a little less crazy for you soon! Doing everything without the Daddy will be difficult, but you are Super Momma, so I know you can do it! Hugs! :)