Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Look what I found.

Look what I found. I stole this pic from my sister in laws facebook. This is pre brain injury. He was about 3 months old. He's not much bigger now, though his face looks like a little boy instead of a baby.

And look what else I found. This pic is my oldest, Raymond, who's almost 11. The one below it is Jaxson. They could be twins. The difference is I combed Raymonds hair and Jax I just let be crazy like it always was.

Keep your eyes on the blog for a couple of blankies that are on there way. They are super cute one's. One we used a different thread and it turned out so cute. I will let you know when the pics are up.


Junior said...

Oh Lacey those pictures are adorable, just too cute. Love Jaxsons crazy hair and wow he does look like his brother.
Hugs, Heidi & Junior

The VW's said...

LOVE these pictures!!! Thanks for sharing them with us! What cuties!

Cammie Heflin said...

They could be twins! BTW my pic from Wednesday is from two years ago, but wishing for our summer to get here soon! We love our cabin at the lake!

The day at a time. said...

I can't get over how cute Jax is! I could just eat him up!

Michelle said...

He is precious...such an adorable little boy! Can't wait to see the blankets!