Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm freaking awsome

First let me get my gripe of the day out of the way. This super sweet little girl Libby, who was born with multiple heart defects, was supposed to have open heart surgery on Wednsday. I just finished her blankie so she could get it by surgery, but her mom just emailed me and said their insurance won't cover her surgery. What the hell (pardon my french, but I'm very upset)
How are these companies getting away with not covering children? This is a lifesaving surgery. We all need to write to the president or something so healthcare in this country will get fixed. Like I've said before, NO CHILD SHOULD BE WITHOUT COVERAGE, PERIOD.

Ok, I'm done ranting, now listen to this. I figured out how to get the form on the Blankie blog.

Yeah, me the computer moron, figured it out all by myself. Aren't I a big girl now? I think I deserve a treat.
So if you know of someone who needs a special blankie, hop on over to and fill out the form.
As soon as the next blankie reciever sends me a pic I will start posting on the blankie blog so you can see them.

And my cute little Carter had baseball tryouts on Saturday. He is six but he's playing with the seven and eight year olds because he rocks. Yeah, I'm a proud, bragging mommy.
He was drafted by the Diamondbacks ( I wish he was getting their pay). And I can't wait for the games to start, if it ever stops snowing here.

And also, we got our mickey button this morning so we are back in g-tube business.
Have a great week everyone.


Anonymous said...

How could they NOT pay for it? That's horrible!! I think you creating blankets are awesome! We do need to write to the President!

Junior said...

So horrible that a surgery like that would not be covered.

Way to go on figuring out the form.

Kim Rees said...

That is absolutely insane! Have they talked to the hospital and tried to work something out. I know up here at the Cleveland Clinic sometimes if you explain to them your financial situation they will knock down your payments. Maybe we need to start up a donation button for little Libby? How sad it is to think that insurance companies hold our lives in their hands? I will pray that this situation will turn around.

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Hey Jaxson and Family, so happy to hear things are going well with you and well done Carter - you look so much like your brother.... I cannot believe that they will not pay for a life saving operation?? If you right to the president - even though I dont live in the US I will write too! Will keep praying.... God bless, Megan and Keaton

Heather said...

Not covered?Insane and inhuman!!Yes you are awesome Lacey,in ways beyond computers.I knew you would figure it out ... if I can make progress on this computer stuff ... anyone can!

Michelle said...

Hey there...thanks for the congrats on baby exciting! We are not sure what Preslie has at this point. She was on IV therapy for 6 weeks after a mysterious and very serious leg infection at a month old...some of her labs started to come back 'off' and we've been getting her tested for 'stuff' ever since (3 months now)...we've worked with 2 oncologists, immunology, etc. She's supposed to FINALLY get a bone-marrow biopsy in a couple of weeks...then hopefully we'll know what is going on. Her ANC's are REALLY low 300's and they don't know why!

TMI Tara said...

I am SO angry about the non-coverage. Ugh, it just boils my blood! I wish there were something I could do to change the highly-flawed system.

Michelle said...

i'd argue that nobody PERIOD should be without health insurance. i'm 22 and in a few months, i age off my parents' insurance. i'll need repeat brain surgeries for the rest of my life to survive - do you know how much brain surgery costs? a lot.

and yet when i'm in the hospital, if it's unplanned i have to go through the ER for CT scans first, and i'm there with a potentially fatal complication while a kid with allergies - yes, ALLERGIES - goes ahead of me because her parents don't have insurance for her. so these kids end up in the ER when really they need some benedryl and maybe some allergy shots.

any word on this little girl's fight?