Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Yes, this is indeed me! The summer after high school and the end of drill team I had these taken because I was trying out for the Jazz girls. (Utah Jazz dancers) I ended up not trying out because my private studio, with all my friends started an older girl group, a group that I competed with when I was 7 months pregnant with Mondo.

Wowza, how I'd love to look like that again!


Kristin said...

Wowza is right hot mama ;)

Janet Caswell said...

*Sigh* ... gotta love those memories :)

Team Carter Jay said...


The VW's said...

Great pics! I can't believe how much your oldest son looks like you in these! I always thought he looked a lot like you, but he really looks like you in these!

I always hate looking at old pics of's depressing to see the difference between then and now! Although, maybe I should look at them more often.....they might inspire me to do something about it! But, I'm certain I'll never look the same again, since there isn't a cure for not enough sleep! : )

Anonymous said...

Good thing you didn't try out since your studio group BEAT the jazz girls at competition!!!! :) Those were the days for sure! You're still just as hot. Don't you forget it!!!!

Auntie Boo