Sunday, January 29, 2012

All in a few words!

It only takes a few kind words to make anyone's day. This is true 3 fold for moms with medically fragile children.
It can be such a chore to take Jax anywhere. Feeding bag, oxygen, suction, and emergency kit. Along with a big, bulky wheelchair. It's never stopped us from doing things as a family.

We are used to the stares. The children's whispered questions to their parents. Sometimes even looks of disgust when we are suctioning him. These can all be emotionally draining to a parent.

Yesterday we were at Disneyland. I was walking off the Little Mermaid ride with Jaxson when a man put his hand on my arm. At first I freaked out a little. Actually, I was ready to backhand this man that I was sure was going to try and kidnap me in the middle of Disneyland!
Instead he looked at me and he said, "I think your doing a great job."

It took me a minute to register what he had said, because no one has ever said this to me before. He went on to say how hard it must be, and we talked about how Jax deserves to have fun with everyone else, how we sometimes have to fight to get him on rides, etc.
He said once again how great I was, and then, before walking away he said, "God bless you!"

This person doesn't know, or maybe he does, how much that affected me. A few kind words go a long way!
Remember that next time you are in a store and see someone with and obviously complicated child. Take the time to stop them and say a few kind words.
I guarantee it will go a long way!


Jeana said...

Lacey that is beautiful. Its amazing how kind words can go so far, and they are free to give. I need to do better at reaching out to others. You are amazing. I seriously think about you all the time and you are such an inspiration to me in SOOO many ways. It breaks my heart when I hear that someone has left an unkind comment on your blog. There is no room for that kind of stuff here. You don't deserve to be ridiculed by others that have no idea who you are and how amazing you are. Ever since that first time I met you when Kaelyn was so young and still in the hospital, you have been nothing but kind and encouraging to our family. You and your family is so loved by so many people, I hope you know that, and that you never for one second believe the hurtful things others say. Can't wait till we make a trip to California and can finally meet Zoey and go to disneyland with you! Kaelyn will be in heaven and Victoria, wow, I can only imagine.

Meghann said...

He's right youare! I too hope God's blessing on your family.

Alison said...

That brought a tear to my eye.

Sandryte said...

I always wanted to know WHAT to say when you see parents with a special needs child. Thanks for sharing this story! Can you give more examples of what you like to hear, how to act, what to say?
Can I ask how old is he/she? Can I ask about his/her abilities? His likes/dislikes? Even though I see that this child has many, many problems... Where is the line when you ask to know more about the child or where parents think you are simple being curious?

I would so appreciate every single word you write about this situation!

Bethany said...

Lacey, that is so awesome. And I totally get what you mean ... and I don't even have medically fragile kids. I do think some people look at DS that way though, and just having someone take a minute to appreciate our kids is so special!

The VW's said...

Love this! God Bless that man! You are doing a great job! : ) Hugs!!

Unknown said...

nice does go along way! and so nice that he spoke up and made your day! looks like a fun time! smiles

Colleen said...

It's so simple, a kind word goes a long way. You are doing a great job! I can't imagine packing the "gear" for Disney, but it's totally worth it for Jax to experience it I'm sure!