Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Kate Gosselin complex!

A few months ago, when I was telling Ray that he didn't hook up the feeding pump right, he called me Kate Gosselin!
I was super offended at first, but then realized that in a way, he was right!

You remember that mom that we all hate. The one that treated her hubby like a child. She was horrible!
I actually used to love that show. As a matter of fact, I have the first couple seasons on DVD. Those kids are gorgeous, and the cute things they did was what captured my heart.
After my hubby teased me by calling me Kate, I started thinking. I understand why this women was so neurotic. She had 6 babies at once! If you don't stick to a strict schedule, or if something is out of place, it throws everything off.
I was never like that, that is, until I had Jaxson. He is so much work, and if something isn't done right, it indeed throws everything off. Over time with all his care, I realized that I was getting quite neurotic as well.
Don't get me wrong, I don't justify the awful things she has done, and I think the way she treated her hubby was just plain wrong. And I do think that her neurotic behavior is above and beyond even a normal person. I'm simply saying to a degree, I find myself like her.

On the other hand, I can be the most disorganized person around. Sounds weird with Jax I know, but its true. I have all of his meds in my brain. I just know what he gets, without having to write anything down. I know his cares and feeds, and exactly what time they need to be done.
My problem is with appointments and sending bills in. I'm terrible!
Since moving, and having life thrown into a bit of chaos, I have done the same with my organization.
Appointments, referrals, and doctors phone numbers are written down on random pieces of paper. Usually then, they get lost or thrown away!

Having a house with two levels has really thrown me for a loop! When I walked into the boys bathroom to an army of empty formula cans on the ledge, I realized I need to get my booty into gear!

I throw all of his cans into the recycling bin. But since Jax room is upstairs, I put the formula in, and then promptly throw the can in the bathroom, thinking I'll take it down when I go. Then there is sits until I have enough to build a pyramid!
I'm off to a good start, I'm in love with my new shelves I bought for his supplies. Although I need another one, I love how everything is so organized.

Next thing, and most important, I need to get me a good day planner!
I had one, but still managed to write things down on random papers and lose them. But with TONS of new doctors appointments in this next month, with all new doctors, I really need to get with the program.
I guess this in a way is my New Years resolution. I need to make sure that the day planner is always with me. I need to make sure if I write a number down on a scrap paper, I transfer it to the day planner as soon as I'm off the phone.
I need to get as neurotic with writing in the day planner as I am with Jax cares!
Wish me luck!


Becca said...

I cringed when I saw the pic of your notes...I'm like that, too, and I don't have even a *fraction* of what you've got to organize! Good luck, Lacey! You can do it!!!

Alaina and Kyle said...

Bless your heart!! You are a rock star Lacey!! There is a reason you were picked to be Jaxson's mommy!! I totally understand the strict schedule with feeding!! Ughh...if you wait just 15 minutes to feed, it can throw your whole schedule off. Hope you have a wonderful 2012!!

Kristin said...

Do you have a smartphone? If not, why not??? You don't need a planner you need a good phone - you can write down everything and calendar stuff to get reminders... ok - even if you prefer a paper planner, get with www.cozi.com - you can use it just on your computer, or with a smartphone. You color code all your appts, etc based on who it's for... and reminders go to everyone involved - you, Ray, the kiddos. Seriously - check it out!

Kristin said...

Oh yeah - best thing about Cozi.com - it's FREE!

Melissa said...

I agree with Kristin... if you have a smartphone use it!! I got a smartphone about 7 months ago since I have the same problem. Keeping up with three special needs kids adn all the appts, therapy, ect was doing me in. Now I have my calendar handy and everything goes in it... I set up reminders for myself for far out appts. And I also downloaded a notes app that has all my kids meds, doses and diagnosis, and useful info. It has seriously been my lifesavor. I think you should look into it!!!

Unknown said...

best of luck!! my favorite place to do notes is on envelopes! I believe in recycling! and they are such a good place to doodle on when you are on hold with insurance or drs offices! smiles

The VW's said...

You sound just like me! I am very particular about Gavin's care, but when it comes to keeping things nicely in order.....little papers all over the counter top....that's how I stay organized as well! I even drive myself crazy, but that's how I continue to roll. My mind is very organized....in fact I never even use a calendar, but my counters are a whole different story! I need to work on this too this year!

Team Carter Jay said...

This was so me too! I recently started a "home organization binder" and it has been awesome for our house. I so should have tried a "Carter organization binder" lol.

The Snell Family said...

Funny how we wish someone(our hubbies) could just helpout with things like feeds and meds, but when they don't do it the way we do we get crazy. I so do it with Matt. I have to learn that if he gets it done it's done, can't be too crazy when Ossie gets here, I will need all the help I can get. I too am totally messy everywhere else in my life but Arnas room with all her stuff, and yes the cans pile up too, and I have a single level. We love and miss you tons, hope you find your groove soon!

Anonymous said...

Re. Kate Gosselin hosting a cruise !!!!! That would be like following Satan into hell !!!!!