Wednesday, February 9, 2011

One cranky princess!

They say that day 5-7 of tonsil surgery is the worst. Man they are right! We have had one cranky princess the last couple of days! She is still drinking enough to avoid the ER, but she won't touch baby food. I worry about her aspirating her meds. I try to put it in her milk, but she won't drink the milk until she has the meds. But when I'm trying to give her the meds, she is screaming, and I know she is aspirating a little bit!

I downloaded pictures from my camera. There were some that I don't even remember taking! Daddy purposefully takes his camera to work so I'll use mine he gave me for Christmas. Mine actually has more megapixels, but it always seems fuzzy, it makes me nuts.
We put Jax in his stander for the first time since his fracture. We need to get him in there a lot to build up his bone strength.

He didn't like it too much!

Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!

This picture had me laughing for 15 minutes. Look at Jax eyes, he looks scared to death. And she looks like a vampire biting him. Hilarious!!

I love baby butts

Her cheeser!

This is what you get when you take a nap with wet hair.

Today I was trying to get a picture of her cute new bow I made, and I only got cranky looks!
And I just noticed the date on my camera is wrong!

Don't forget if you haven't emailed me a pic of your special child. Read the previous post for details, but I'm making a special needs calendar and need a picture and their birthdate. You will be able to buy one also!


Amy said...

Oh my Lacey!! Way too funny. The faces those angels of yours make have me in stiches. Thankyou for making my day!!!! Huggs to the princess.

Michelle and Sean said...

I love all the pics!!

Jax looks like a big boy standing!!

Arina looks so cute even though I know she doesn't feel well.

Love the pic of the two of them! Your totally right about that pic!

I will get you a pic I just wanted to try and get a good one of Mags so she doesn't look so grouchy!

Kristin said...

Hahaha - love the bed head!

Tam said...

Oh Lacey, that pic of the vampire princess just made my day. I love seeing pics of all your lovely children, even if they are cranky (or terrified of their baby sister).

Kellan's momma said...

Maybe too late in the game now, but we found a local pharmacy that compounded Kellans' tylenol with codeine into suppositories, sure took the struggle out of giving it!

Melissa M said...

I love Arina'a cheeser face...we call Claire's her hammy face! Just got home from a long couple days tonight but will send you a pic of Claire if you are still working on your calendar.

Denise said...

That picture had me laughing too. They are going to be the best of friends!! Cute bow...I think Ella will need one....someday!!!

ABandCsMom said...

Love that hairstyle on her...cranky or not! And those BLUE eyes are beautiful! How funny is the vampire picture?? Oh my gosh, poor Jax, he does look terrified!

Scrappy quilter said...

Love those pictures. The last one is just so cute. Love seeing Jax standing up. Two little ones, so very precious. Hope Ariana is feeling better soon. Hugs

Junior said...

such cute pics. Jax looks great in his stander

DevonLeah said...

LOL funny when pics capture moments like that. She looked like a little bully on Jax FUNNY

I was actually LOL over her hair after nap time. Hope she feels better too!

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

Jax really was not happy! poor guy! love the pix of Ariana kissing-- good ol sibling fun!! baby butts are the best! smiles

suelmayer said...

Lacey, OMG I am still laughing at the vampire photo...that is exactly what it looks like. Jax looks so big in that stander. Your children are beautiful!!!