Tuesday, February 22, 2011

*Auntie Boo, don't read this post, neither of us needs any more free food!*

Good Morning from the Rugg-rats!

Its freezing here, after having near 60 temps last week. I hate the early spring ups and downs.

How can something be so great and so hard at the same time?
I'm so excited to move, we've been wanting this move since we got married 13 years ago. But on the other hand, there are some people I just can't bear to leave!
You know who that it....Auntie Boo.
Let me give you a little history on Auntie Boo. Her name is Belinda, she was actually my dance teacher! I've known her since I was 13. I danced with her all through high school. We went on trips together, dance camps, and that's how Boo came along. That was what we called her. I continued to dance with her after I got married. I actually competed when I was 7 months pregnant with Mondo!
We bumped into each other in the hospital when Jax had just been admitted for his long stay. Her son was recovering from surgery, and that's when she met Jax for the first time. She continued to come up and see Jax, and started staying up there with him if we couldn't be there. She stayed overnight with him when we were exhausted and needed sleep.

(I have no idea why these pics are so small. They won't get bigger)

They developed a special bond, she is his beloved Auntie. She knows almost as much about his medical history as me. She took him while we were in Ukraine. He earned an ambulance trip to the ER during his visit.

How can I take Jaxson away from his Auntie? She left me a message on facebook that had me crying in my food at a restaurant on Saturday!
Her hubby had a job interview in Cali last week, I can only pray that he gets that job!
In every other way this move is the best thing for Jax!
How can something be so great and so hard at the same time??


Scrappy quilter said...

What a special friendship. I hope it works out that she gets to move has well. Love the second picture of your two little angels. So sweet. Hugs

Melissa M said...

Our spring weather fluctuates like crazy too. And I'm tired of it. I'm just ready for warm and sunny!

I'm sure it will be so, so hard to leave Auntie Boo behind, but I hope they will be following you to Cali!

Holly said...

it must be so hard to pick up and move...even when you're so excited! I'm sorry..I wish I had wise words...

Rochelle said...

Oh my goodness wouldn't that be fantastic if they moved there too! Praying for that and your heart!

The VW's said...

This is so sad! Hope she gets to move with you guys! We all need friends like her!

As for cold...I'm with ya! Bring on Summer! :)

The VW's said...

I got the toy at Babies R Us.

Also, I love the cute pics of Jax and Arina in the crib together! :)

Alison said...

It would be the icing on the cake if they moved to Cali too!

Michelle and Sean said...

How amazing is she!!! I'm so happy for you guys!! I hope everything goes smoothly and you are able to find the best team of doctors for all of your kiddos.

I'm sad that you will be leaving since we didn't get to hang out much but I am way happy for you!

Praying for a smooth transition!

Anonymous said...

I have no words. . . . I love you and I'm not mad at you anymore. (never really was) :) Now I'm just mad at Ray for getting the transfer. :) Can't decide if I should get all the Jax lovin in that I can . . . . or start to wean myself off him! Pretty sure cold turkey is NOT going to work this time~ Thanks for all the nice things you said. I love you all!
Auntie Boo

ParkerMama said...

Girl, I'm giving away a $200 AmEx gift card on Parker's blog. Come and enter!

That might help with the move? Although I wish you were staying. I had always envisioned Jax and Parker hanging out.