Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tears and smiles in the same post

if you've already read this blog, I had to change it, I will post more later, so ignore the tears part for now.

Ok I'm going to try and recover. Here are two more blankie kids. Go over to the blankie blog and read their stories. It might take me a minute to get them up over there, I'm a little shaken and I haven't gotten that far yet, so check in an hour or so.

We are heading out tomorrow. Next time i post it will be from sunny California. I will post our trip because the computer is coming, and I will be checking everyones blogs but I may not have time to comment, we have plans with Mickey and the gang. Talk to you soon.


Junior said...

Lacey I am so sorry to hear about Jaxson's heart surgeon. So difficult, we will be praying for his family and for you.

Thanks again for the blanket, I just wished I had captured that moment on film today when he first spotted the blanket and realized what was on it. He lit up and squealed in delight.

The VW's said...

I'm so sorry that Jaxson's cardiac surgeon won't be able to do his surgery! It's so hard when you come to trust someone and then have to put your trust in someone else! Hopefully there are some other great heart surgeons around for him, and you will learn to trust them too!

Have a wonderful vacation!!! I'm so excited for you! Say Hi to Mickey for me and Gavin! Glad to hear that you'll be blogging on your trip.....I NEED my Jax fix daily! Have Fun!!!

Stephanie said...

I know the feeling of losing a trusted member of the medical team. Aiden's heart surgeon moved to San Diego; can't say I was thrilled with that.

The day at a time. said...

Have lots of fun!!!!

Michelle said...

Very cute blankets...nice work my friend! Hopefully you will find answers, another surgeon that will love Jax just as much as you do and we be able to help him always and I do hope you guys have a wonderful vacation without any health issues! Enjoy the sun for us too!!!

stephanie said...

Hey there! I sent the blankie picture finally, I hope it comes through alright!
Seems as though I missed the tears part of the post, I hope everything is alright with Jax???