Monday, April 20, 2009

More Blankie kidos

Here's some more kids that got their blankies while I was gone. Go to the blankie blog to read their stories.

This little girl is very special to me. We've been internet friends for about as long as I've had Jax. This is Libby. She has several congenital heart defects. A few hours after her first surgery at just days old her heart stopped. It resulted in one full hour of CPR and echmo for a few days. I tried to repost her video on here but thats one thing I haven't mastered yet. (how to copy onetruemedia from someone else to here)
She's had 3 open hearts so far, she was scheduled for her fourth in March but her insurance decided the day before to cancel her because she was to expensive. Its rescheduled for July. This surgery should last her until she's around 13. Then more will be needed. I actually ran into her at Disneyland last year. I knew she was going sometime with Make a Wish, but we were leaving California adventure and I saw a guy pushing a little girl with oxygen, and that beautiful long hair to her tushy. I stopped him and said, Is this Libby, he looked at me like I was crazy. I explained how I knew her and we planned to get together the next day but her mom was sick and we were leaving. But what are the chances out of millions of people that go to Disneyland that we run into her. Keep her in your prayers as they once again get close to surgery.


Michelle said...

Cute blankies for cute kids! Libby looks so sweet. So frusterated about the insurance thing, but hopefully it will all work out fine and her surgery will be a success! We will pray for her too!

Oh...with Medicaid they have an agreement with Peterson Medical for the O2 supplies. Everything else, like the oximeter, monitors, etc, is from IHC Home Care, but Oxygen stuff HAS to be from Peterson. I will call them and see if they have something smaller, cause her thing is beastly! :) She is on 3/4 all night and when she naps. She doesn't have any other restrictions, so it's pretty cut and dry. That's good to know the O2concentrators come smaller though and plug into the car...very nice! :)

Lily said...

Very cool. I love what you do!

The VW's said...

I think you are just wonderful doing this for so many kids! We are loving Gavin's blankie! But, I'm so sad that Jaxson's picture on it is starting to wear off. :( Thanks again for ours!

ch said...

Such a talented smile-maker you are!

Thanks for sharing your grinners!

Alyson said...

No they're not selling those :0) I bought the onesie from the gap....It's a lemon that says, "Squeeze Me!"....So I covered up the "Me!" part and put that "steallan" sticker on it :0)....I know I'm creative....ha ha ha......

Could you please send me a picture of Jaxson with Leap when you get a chance??

Thanks so much!!

Anderson Family said...

You are so wonderful to provide these blankets to kids who need them - what an amazing gift you are giving. Every one of those blankets is made with so much love.

I love to crochet around blankets and burp cloths so if you ever need an extra crocheting hand please let me know. Looking at your profile I probably live very close to you.

The Disneyland pictures are the greatest - I am so glad you had so much fun. I can't wait to get back to Disneyland again - love it!!

Mom to Carter