Friday, November 1, 2013

Home in time for Halloween!

Jax was discharged Wednesday, just in time for Halloween! 

He is still on tpn and lipids, hoping his j tube will close on its own. It's still leaking, and I think if it hasn't closed by now it's not going to! 
His skin is totally healed around the site, and they are using an ostomy bag to keep track of how much drainage comes out. Thank goodness we got the port placed when we did, because putting a central line in is impossible, which is why we did it to begin with. See mommy really does know best!
I'm just glad we got to take him out in his costume! And next time we hit Disney its going with us as we'll, since our Disney friends missed it at the Halloween party! 
We hope to get some better pics today with the good camera, but they looked adorable and were the talk of the school!


Ali Rae said...

Totally worth the wait to see those two sweeties! I've been wondering what they were going to be! I love your love of Disney. My cousins and I went four times this year to Disney World and we live in Illinois so it's quite a trip, I wish we were close like you guys are to Disneyland!

Jeana said...

I'm so glad he made it home and oh my goodness those costumes are absolutely to die for! Precious Precious!