Sunday, November 10, 2013

Home again!

Munchkin is home again! Tomorrow will be day three home and we are still a bit on edge as that's the max days he's been home in a month! 

His port was positive for enterococcus, and to save the port from being pulled, he is on 24/7 IV antibiotics through it. They were concerned about endocarditis because I guess this particular bug is prone to causing it. He had an echo, and then a trans esophageal echo and luckily both were negative! 
The bad news is the tpn and antibiotic are not compatible, so we had to have another line placed for his tpn. So he's currently at home with two lines, running two different meds. Needless to say he's a lot of work right now! The tpn runs for 16 hours, then we run 8 hours of IV fluid in between. That runs through a popliteal line behind his knee. The antibiotic runs 24/7 through his port. The good news is we do think that the J tube site will close on its own. Nothing is leaking from there anymore, and the surgeon is giving it two more weeks to completely close, and then we'll start feeds again! 
All I care about is that my baby boy is home where he belongs! We can do anything he needs to keep him here!!